Ljubljana Silverhawks Reach Central European Football League (CEFL) Finals

Silverhawks reach CEFL finals with their dominant performance over Budapest Wolves

 Recap of the Sportklub CEFL game: Ljubljana Silverhawks – Budapest Wolves

Silverhawks started the game very well as Gregor Črepinšek ran for a touchdown on the first drive. Silverhawks defense forced the Wolves to fumble and Iztok Stegovec recovered it. On next drive Kenric McNeal passed to Matic Tomše for a TD, concluding the first quarter at 14-0.

Boris Gorički (16)

Gregor Črepinšek started the second quarter as he did the first – with a touchdown. What followed was the Hungarian offensive, where they were already in red zone and they set for a field goal, but failed in their attempt. What followed was the show presented by Kenric McNeal as he ran for an 80 yard TD in style of his former teammate at Texas A&M – Johnny Manziel. After a great effort by special teams, as Silverhawks recovered a fumble, Kenric presented another masterpiece, this time the TD was for 35 yards. Before the end of the half, Jason Lee Kramer intercepted a pass from Wolves QB and returned it for a 90 yard pick6. Score at the half: 41-0.

In third quarter Kramer was on fire once again, as he forced a fumble that was recovered by Mark Petejan. Silverhawks QB Kenric McNeal led the team to another TD as he found Matic Tomše in end zone once again.

In fourth quarter Silverhawks put in their reserves to gain some more experience. At the beginning of the quarter the Wolves scored a touchdown after a long drive as Csaba Majoros catches a pass from Wolves QB in the end zone. Silverhawks offense was led by Matej Musič, who failed to deliver on a fourth down. But instead Silverhawks reserve defense came up big, as Andrej Šadl intercepts a pass. Matej Musič performed otherwise in his last drive, as he finds Aleš Zakšek in end zone to set the final score at 55-6.

Boris Gorički (12)

Silverhawks achieved what they needed: a victory that leads them to the CEFL Finals. They will probably also host the Finals at the 20th of July 2014 where they will face the 2013 champions – Belgrade Vukovi.


Andrej Šadl is the Public Relations Director from the Slovenian American Football club the Ljubljana Silverhawks.