London Warmly Welcomes American Football with Open Sports Grounds

Fans from England are over enthusiastic to host four NFL sessions for 2017 season. More possibilities expected for future prospects as the event develops.

Four Exciting Games Coming Up

Over the previous ten years, the game of American football has unhurriedly tried to creep inside the culture of England, initiating with a solo marquee game each year in the United Kingdom. After that the number of games progressed per year with two and three games; nowadays it has become like a trend to host at least 4 games every year as it is with the condition on 2017.

A total of eight different teams from abroad will be rubbing shoulders in the upcoming NFL matches in the UK. All varieties of sports have been held akin to the World Athletics Championships in London, and outsider teams have been giving Londoners all the right reasons to rejoice.

The spotlight of upcoming matches is undoubtedly the four NFL games, and here are the teams which will be competing with each other:

  1. New Orleans Saints vs. Miami Dolphins at the Wembley Stadium on 24th September
  2. Baltimore Ravens vs. Jacksonville Jaguars at the Wembley Stadium on 1st October
  3. Minnesota Vikings vs. Cleveland Browns at Twickenham on 22nd October
  4. Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams at Twickenham on 29th October

No Negativity on This One

Nevertheless, there is no use to mull over the negative talkers who have indicated one crucial and minute detail. The Atlanta Falcons along with the New England Patriots team (who settled on a duel on the February Super Bowl LI) will not be among the eight teams alighting in London for the games. As a matter of fact, not even a single victorious team from the National Football Conference or the American Football Conference will be performing with their fellow players in the U.K. to display their raw ability of the NFL games.

Hence, while the city of London anticipates the team of American Football and the enthusiasm of a game that has swept America off its feet for several decades, is it correct that some folks sense a bit of agitation by the fact of people getting less bang for the buck?

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EPL taking on NFL with Panache

Rollback to the previous summer vacation of the Premier League where the most prominent teams had to lead America, Australia and Asia to compete in the games – bigwigs such as Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City and the Manchester United. Indeed, for sure the other clusters head way out and are up on the game; however, the forerunners of the EPL are on the showcase for America to witness and welcome. Don’t you think it is nearly prejudice that NFL allocates the similar cream of the crop players to England in order to render a true apex of the game to English fans?

Or maybe all this is irrelevant since every year the enthusiasm related with the NFL games exhibits a swell in sustenance behind them. Also, nobody can predict that Londoners unite with the teams well enough in this year 2017; and the subsequent year might reveal some more of the top teams heading over to U.K. shores as well.

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