Looking ahead to the new NFL season

Summer is here, which means the start of the 2021/22 NFL season is just a month away. For fans, this signals the start of five months of shouting at the TV, agonizing over performances, and celebrating with your buddies when your team sinks that winning touchdown. The excitement of the Super Bowl has faded into memory, and we’re ready to get back into the action.

The teams have already started making their preparations; draft picks are over and preseason practice is about to begin. With new names like Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, and Trey Lance ready to make their mark on the game, there’s plenty of buzz and excitement about the teams this season.

But while the players are gearing up for the first game of the season – a match between the Buccaneers and the Cowboys on 9/9 – there are still plenty of things the fans can be doing to get ready too. While it’s more likely to involve math than practicing tackling and catches, for those who enjoy betting on games, competing with friends to make the most accurate predictions, or just cheering on their team, there’s much to be done.

For Stats Fans

Now is the time to look back at last season and analyze how the teams performed. You can find all the stats you need on the NFL website. While there are likely to be some changes to each team’s roster between seasons, their overall style of play probably won’t very that much. By looking at how each team performed last season, you should get a good idea of how well they will perform this year; you can then adjust this based on information for the new season, such as players coming and going, and injuries.

The basic stats to start looking at are:

  • Points per game
  • Yards per game
  • Third down efficiency
  • Sacks per game
  • Tackles per game
  • Interceptions per game

It’s also worth looking at how teams performed over time – did they get better or worse as the season went on, or were their results consistent? Did the absence of a certain player have a significant impact? Did they meet preseason expectations?

If you’re planning on following up this analysis with some football betting, you should now be well informed and have a good idea of where to put your money.

For Game Day

Like to watch your team play in person every week? Set up your plans in advance to make sure you always know what you’re doing on game day.

  • Have you got a season ticket? Make sure it’s renewed so you don’t risk losing out. If you’re buying tickets to specific games, look up when they get released so you can make sure you don’t miss out.
  • Know how you’re going to get to the stadium. Take the time to scout for parking or survey public transport routes. The area will be really busy on a match day, so make sure you know a number of routes in case of traffic. If you’re car sharing, draw up a rota so everyone knows when it’s their turn to drive.
  • Get your supporter’s kit ready: make sure your jersey isn’t sporting last season’s ketchup stains or getting a little too tight round the middle. Order anything new that you need well in advance to avoid the rush of shoppers in the run up to the start of the season. Make sure you know where your pennants, giant foam fingers, banners and novelty hats are – you wouldn’t want to be underdressed in the stands!

Watching at Home

  • Check your cable is working and your subscription is up to date. You don’t want to switch on the game only to find you didn’t pay for the sports package. It might even be worth getting the box serviced – nothing spoils the mood more than the picture cutting out mid-game.
  • Stock your cupboards with all your favorite game day snacks, don’t rely on being able to pick up those nachos for Monday Night Football on your way home from work. If your buddies are coming over, make sure they know what they have to bring and they get it in advance too. We all have that one friends who turned up empty handed every time, don’t let them get away with it!
  • Remove any distractions. Other family members not watching the game with you? The last thing you want is them to keep interrupting your viewing. Suggest they go to the movies or out for dinner, or keep children occupied with a movie and snacks in a different room.

Predictions for the 2021/22 Season

The experts have been busy with their scouting and statistical analysis, so who are their teams and players to watch out for this season?

Unsurprisingly, the Kansas City Chiefs are being touted to make the Super Bowl again, led by QB Patrick Mahomes, and might even have enough to win it. Brady and the Buccaneers are likely to put up another good fight, an as they showed last year they’re more than capable of going all the way.

Cleveland Browns are looking good to finish top of their conference, which would be a deserved victory after the many seasons of hard work the team have put into their performances.

And watch out for the Jacksonville Jaguars; they picked up the number 1 draft pick in QB Trevor Lawrence and he looks set to shake things up and change their fortunes for the better.

There’s still a few weeks to go, but NFL fans will be watching the preseason training closely to see how things will develop. Take the opportunity to get yourself ready for what is looking to be another electrifying season of football.

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