Mahomes and the Chiefs Looking for Super Bowl Redemption

The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl in 2020 but were heavily beaten in 2021 on what was a disappointing night. At the time, it was supposed to be a changing of the guard, with quarterback Patrick Mahomes taking over the spotlight from Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

That didn’t work out, and this season has been all about redemption for the Chiefs. It didn’t start well, but things are now looking up after their play has finally started to come together. That hasn’t gone unnoticed, the latest NFL odds have the Chiefs as 7/2 favourites to win the Super Bowl in February 2022.

If the last few weeks are anything to go by for this team, they are going to be spoken about even more over the coming weeks, and feature in even more NFL tips as we approach the Super Bowl. Mahomes has found his groove again, he has a group of offensive weapons that match any in the league, and now on top of that, the defensive group has started to shine.

The Chiefs have clinched their playoff spot, won the AFC West division and now have their sights on clinching the number one AFC seed, meaning they will receive a bye in the first round of the playoffs. Should they win that in the regular season, the Chiefs would be in prime position to make amends for what happened last season and give Patrick Mahomes his second Super Bowl ring.

Recent Improvements Made by the Chiefs

What we saw from Kansas City at the start of the season is a world away from what we are seeing from them right now, and the changes have been for the better.

Losing four of their first seven games, including a 27-3 defeat against Tennessee, things looked pretty bleak, and people were wondering if the Chiefs had what it takes to bounce back from that disappointment.

Look at their results recently and you will see they have done exactly that. Since that week seven game against the Titans, Kansas City have won eight straight games. The offensive group has been scoring freely during most of it, and the defensive group have been keeping down the number of points they have been conceding.

The 36-10 win over Pittsburgh in week 16 is a typical example of what the Chiefs have been doing recently. Patrick Mahomes controlled the game, throwing for three touchdowns out of the four that his team scored.

On top of that the defensive group only conceded a touchdown right at the end of the game in dead time when things were wrapped up, prior to that they were excellent, stopping the Steelers from having any chance.

In four of the eight wins they have recorded since week seven, the Chiefs have conceded single-figure points, something that was previously thought unachievable for this group. Add onto that the current form of Patrick Mahomes, driving play forward in great style, and the Chiefs may well be on the right path towards another Super Bowl bid.

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