Major changes in French Federation of American Football; European Championships in danger?

In a statement issued Sunday, Jan 7,  the French Federation of American Football, FFFA (Fédération Française de Football Américain) announced that Michel Daum, as well as treasurer Frank Lacuisse, have resigned.

Daum was also the Legal Officer of IFAF Paris.

“Following Dec 9th 2017 general meeting, Michel DAUM, president of the FFFA and Franck LACUISSE, treasurer of the FFFA resigned.

In accordance with the statutes of the Federation (article 18), Brigitte SCHLEIFER, general secretary of the FFFA is acting president since December 28th until the next executive committee of January 12th, 2018.
Jean-Pierre TROCHET and Mathieu BRUGIÈRE were appointed by the Acting President, Treasurer and Acting Secretary General until the next Managing Committee.

The managing committee decided to respond favorably to the leagues présidents request and asked them to nominate their representative (and his / her substitute) who will attend every managing committee meetings.
Thus, more regular exchanges between the federal team, league presidents and clubs will help maintain stability for the structuring and development of the FFFA.”

This could indicate a shift in allegiance of the FFFA, a supporter of IFAF Paris.

Apparently, feelers have already been put out to USA Football and IFAF New York. According to anonymous sources, the 2018 European Championships are in real danger of being cancelled. The tournament which has been held a total of 15 times since 1983, is scheduled to be held in Frankfurt, and supposed to include four countries, Germany, France, Italy and Austria.

The EFAF website contains this excerpt from the IFAF Europe meeting of September 23 in Paris:

“In 2018, the final competition of the European Championship of the male national-teams will take place at the Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt am Main. This Championship will surely be a further highlight in the history of the Football-Sports in Europe.”

Should France withdraw, a three-team tournament would seem to be unlikely.

The new acting president of the FFFA, Brigitte Schleifer has a cheerleading background while Mathieru Brugiere, a long-time Thonon Black Panthers staff member, is in charge of football championship organization. Jean Pierre Trochet, the new acting treasurer, was the vice president of the FFFA for almost 10 years.

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