Massive OL Benjamin Copher ready to ‘dominate’ for France’s Elancourt Templiers

France’s Elancourt Templiers (FFFA, D-2) secure giant American offensive tackle for 2017 season.

Benjamin Copher, 6’6″ 325 lb, from Ohio Dominican University in Columbus, Ohio has been recruited by Templiers for the offensive line. Copher played in NCAA Division 2 GLIAC conference. He was a 2015 pre-season D2 All-American.

Copher’s size, strength, and technical saavy will surely bring  prescence to the team from the suburbs of Paris. Copher connected with the Templiers through ahead of the 2017 season.

American Football International caught up with Copher about life in France how he expects his season in to go.

American Football International: First off, How is the season going so far?

Benjamin Copher: The season is going well so far, we are currently undefeated and becoming a better football team with each practice. We want to be at the best of our ability each time we step on the field when we play, no matter who the opponent is.

AFI: Can you tell us how you came to sign with Elancourt?

Copher: I was contacted by the Templiers organization on, from there I signed my contract for the 2017 season.

AFI: What did you know about American football in France? or outside the U.S.?

Copher: I knew very little about football outside of the U.S. and Canada, pretty much the only thing I knew was that NFL Europe was fairly big over here and it is a growing sport here in Europe.

AFI: What do you like most about playing in France?

Copher: The thing I like the most about playing in France is just having the ability to play again. After my senior year of college, I really dedicated myself to training, rebuilding my body in a way to better serve me on the football field. Once I made those improvements, I really wanted to play again to see what I could do with me being in the best physical shape of my life.

AFI: What do you think you bring to the football field for a team like the Templiers?

Copher: A personal goal of mine would be to be known as the most dominant lineman on both sides of the ball in Europe. Another personal goal of mine would be to establish the offensive line of both the U-19 and U-16 teams as being the best offensive lines in the league. As a team we want to win the D2 championship and become the best team we can be through the season.

AFI: Do you have any personal and/or football goals for 2017?

Copher: I bring a lot of football knowledge, technique, experience, and leadership to the field. I’ve been playing football since I was 5 so I have been around the game at all levels. My coach in college and in high school were huge on technique, we focused a lot on perfecting the craft of offensive line at both levels. I have a lot experience by playing against guys who have played or are playing at the professional level, either in the NFL or CFL, so I have played against some very talented players. Leadership has always been a quality that I’ve constantly tried to improve. I’m not a “rah rah” kind of guy, I think leading is best done by example!

AFI: Is there anything else you like to say to the American football community?

Copher: One thing I would like to say is thank you to my family, you guys have always been there for me! Thank you to my coaches, Coach Mac, Coach Reutty, and Coach Conley. Thank you to the whole ApPrep crew, you guys are a big part of my success. Finally, thank you to my wonderful girlfriend Ashley Fuhr, you’ve been with me every step of the way!

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