Mexican Federation denounces Tommy Wiking after IFAF suspension

Jorge Orobio, president of the Federacion Mexicana de Futbol Americano (FMFA) has issued a strong statement denouncing Tommy Wiking, while acknowledging that the International Federation of American Football is deeply divided.

At a press conference held at the Mexican Sports Confederation (CODEME) September 28, Orobio acknowledged that at this time the IFAF is divided and that there are two groups seeking to stay at the head of the organization.


One of these sides is led by IFAF president Tommy Wiking, who according to Orobio, was forced to resign amid various allegations of fraud and misappropriation of IFAF funds.

“Tommy Wiking is not recognized by the strong countries of IFAF and has therefore has begun to ally himself with countries where football is still in the development stages, in order to regain power internationally.

This is the group that imposed the alleged sanctions on Mexico, United States, Canada, Japan, Finland and Denmark – the strongest countries in American football – but he and his group have no recognition and therefore its alleged sanction has no value.”

The alleged punishment states that these six countries will not receive financial support or the ability to participate in international events organized by IFAF.

“Our punishment is a withdrawal of financial support, but IFAF has not contributed a penny to the Mexican Federation. On the contrary, they owe us €2,000. They also stipulate that we cannot participate in international tournaments, but they do not have any events and those who do are working and organized a senior world championship, two U19 tournaments and two flag football tournaments; We are also organizing a Women’s World, one more U19 and another flag. In other words, we are working ourselves”

The conflict is to determine which group has the right of law to direct American football at an international level and will be decided by the international court of arbitration, CAS, in a process which is expected to culminate early next year. Once the two sides have presented their arguments, CAS, which is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, will have 90 days to issue a resolution.

“While this conflict is being decided in the courts, under international law, Mexico will remain on the side of the group which provides the continued development of football. The United States, Canada, Japan and many European countries are on our side as well as those who provide more development opportunities and give us competition and thus remain on their side.

We know that the law acts strangely sometimes, but in the end we will make the necessary decisions always as a group, not individually, but collectively, but always with the aim of gaining the greatest benefit for Mexico and for football”.

Wiking allegedly asked for cash to lift suspension

Orobio said the group headed by Wiking, contacted the Mexican Federation to inform him that;

“…by paying thousand of euros the sanction could be resolved, confirming that all they want is to obtain financial benefits…”

Meanwhile according to the report, the Mexican group will not budge:

“We will not make payments to IFAF or promote any fee, until this conflict is resolved and so new issues over financial matters are avoided, so each federation shall cover the expenses they generate themselves to attend council meetings. “

Court of Arbitration for Sport

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS; French:Tribunal arbitral du sport, TAS) is an international quasi-judicial body established to settle disputes related to sport through arbitration. Its headquarters are in Lausanne (Switzerland) and its courts are located in New York City, Sydney (Australia) and Lausanne.

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