Mexico: Exciting games marked 2nd week of action in the ONEFA National Conference

The second week of the Mexican National College Football League (ONEFA) brought us thrilling football matchups as the 14 teams went head-to-head. The highlight of the week was the highly anticipated clash between the Borregos CEM and the formidable Tigres UANL.

Tigres 17 – Borregos CEM 7

The Tigres are renowned for their ground game dominance, which played a pivotal role in their 17-7 victory over Borregos CEM. Right from the start of the game, Axel Montini showcased his skills, rushing for over 100 yards, setting the stage for a scoring opportunity for the Tigres. In an exciting 80-yard run, Montini brought the ball within two yards of the opponent's end zone, allowing Angel Alvarado to score a touchdown, giving the Tigres an early 7-0 lead.

The Borregos quickly responded with a 2-yard rushing touchdown, leveling the score at 7-7. As the first half progressed, the Tigres managed to secure a field goal, leading 10-7 at halftime. The Borregos attempted a field goal of their own but missed.

In the second half, Angel Alvarado unleashed his explosive speed, breaking free in a spectacular 50-yard run and scoring a touchdown, his second of the game, to widen the Tigres' lead to 17-7.

UAEM Potros 40 – Pumas Acatlán 21

On Saturday, in Toluca, the Potros of UAEM hosted the Pumas Acatlán. Despite a first half where they put up a fierce fight, the Potros ended up falling to the Pumas 40-21.

Borregos CCM 33 – Burros Blancos IPN Zacatenco 19

The surprise of the week came from the Burros Blancos IPN Zacatenco, who suffered an unexpected home defeat to the Borregos CCM with a score of 33-19, proving that anything can happen in the Mexican College Football League.

Pumas UNAM 20 – Aztecas UDLA 7

The Pumas of UNAM traveled to Puebla to face the Aztecas of UDLA. Despite some challenges along the way, the Pumas managed to defeat the Aztecas by a score of 20-7.

Borregoas Puebla 49 – Borregos Guadalajara 10

Also in Puebla, at the Crater Azul Stadium, the Borregos Puebla convincingly triumphed over the Borregos Guadalajara. The final score reflected a dominant victory of 49-10 for the Borregos Puebla, showcasing their strength on the field.

Aguilas Blancas IPN 27 – Leones U.Anahuac 10

Aguilas Blancas IPN achieved a comfortable victory over Leones U.Anahuac beating them 27-10 in their recent matchup.