Mexico: LFA raises limit on international players allowed per team

In an offseason of change for the Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional, the number of international players per roster has been increased from a limit of 10 per team to 12.

The reason for raising the limit goes back to when the LFA decided to bring in four of the teams from the now-defunct Fútbol Americano de México: Rarámuris de Chihuahua, Reds CDMX, Jefes de Ciudad Juárez and the Caudillos de Chihuahua.

The policy on international players when it came to FAM was a limit of 15 players per team. By bringing over four of their teams, the LFA made a compromise that would allow them to split the difference on non-Mexican talent. This would have the LFA go from a max of 70 of these players in the league to 132.

When the term international is applied, it refers to any player from outside of Mexico and does not limit itself to just the United States. So, this means it is possible that more European and/or Canadian talent will enter the league.

There were two tryouts this year for American talent with the first in Los Angeles, CA for players on the West Coast, and then a second one this month in Birmingham, AL for players in the Southern U.S. 

The LFA is going to continue having opportunities during the pre-season for any other potential talent teams can find outside Mexico, whether that be from America or somewhere else.

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