Mexico: Liga de Football Americano Profesional Power Rankings after Week 5

As Mexico’s Liga de Football Americano Profesional heads into the home stretch, there is not really much separating the top four teams although the Condors have began to find a rhythm.

This is how the teams are ranked after week five.

1 Condors (4-1)

The Condors earned the top ranking, not only because they have suffered only one defeat, but also because of how they have developed since the start of the season. They have looked very physical, being the second best defense so far in terms of points given up, while the offense balances Diego Pérez’s aerial attack featuring wide receivers Andrés Salgado, Preston Bailey and Rafael Gómez with a solid running game which relies on RBs Luis Tinoco, Irving Alamilla and Alan Rosado. They look solid and with the ability to respond safely regardless of the situation as we saw it against Fundidores on day 4 and as noted against the Toluca Bears.

2 Raptors (3-2)

The Raptors are a team that has hadi its highs and lows in the season, but the offense leads the league in points scored with 133 in five games. Bruno Márquez to distribute the ball to his receivers, Manuel Barrios, Enrique Barraza, Diego Arce and Ivan Garcia. The running attack is led by Dan Avila and Luis Flores. Although the defense has given up 92 points, the defensive line is still one of the best in sacks and creating turnovers.

3 Mexicas (2-3)

Although the defending champions struggled to open the season, they have shown a lot of improvement as we saw in their last two games against the Dinos and Artilleros. They did not win that last game, but they are a far different team than early in the year. The offense has speeded up and the timing between the quarterback and receivers is far better. They are the second leading team in terms of yards gained while QB Ricardo Quintana is the second leading passer with 1,222 yards passing.

4 Mayas (3-2)

Despite having a record of 3-2, the two-time champion Mayas have been a bit inconsistent with the second worst offense in the league.  Nevertheless, quarterback Marco García is beginning to find a connection with receivers Josué Martínez and Jair Viamontes. along with new receivers José Vázquez and Luis David Martínez. On the ground, RBs Omar Cojolum, Jesús Sosa and Edgar Arroyo are beginning to move the ball but still not enough. The defense, which is the best in the LFA, keeps the Mayas in games. They will need the offense to start improving quickly as playoff loom.

5 Dinos (2-3)

With an anemic offense, the Dinos also rely heavily on their defense to keep them in games. With starting QB Mata Charles missing due to injury, Garcia Blancas stepped up pulling out a couple of wins and keeping the Dinos in the playoff hunt.  Still, without a consistent offense, the Dinos are in danger of missing the post season.

6 Arterilleros (3-2)

This Artilleros are the surprise of the LFA so far this season and with Jhoset Crasborn taking over at quarterback,  and finding a connection with WR Andrés Chio, the offense has looked rejuvenated. One of the receivers that always finds a way to score is Sebastián Olvera, who has become a key.  If the defense can remain one of the three best in the league while the offense continues to improve, the newest team in the league may well be playoff bound.

7 Osos (1-4)

The other newcomer to the league has shown some bright spots although they have struggled to stop anyone having given up 170 points in five games. So even if QB Alan Macedo is the fourth leading passer in the league and has found a consistent receiver in Mario Salas along with Darrell Crandall, without a defense, the Osos will have a  tough time making the playoffs.

8 Fundidores (2-3)

While both Maldonado Gonzalez and Kasey Peters have seen action at quarterback, the Fundidores have struggled in recent games, not scoring a point in an 8-0 loss to the Dinos. The team has relied on an intimidating front seven  but will need more than that to qualify for the post season.

Graphics: Igor Lazarevic