Mexico: Rarámuris de Chihuahua pull out of 2023 LFA season

In disappointing news for Mexico’s Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional, the Rarámuris de Chihuahua have announced that they will not participate in the upcoming 2023 season.

The news came nearly six months after the league announced at halftime of Tazón México V that the Rarámuris would be moving from Fútbol Americano de México to join the LFA.

Throughout their social media, the LFA informed their fanbase know of the news.

Official Statement

Through this letter we would like to inform that due to internal issues, our president of football operations has decided to focus during this 2023 season on strengthening our business structure, as well as analyzing our possibilities as a professional LFA team. For this reason our 2023 debut will be postponed.

We would also like to clear up the issue regarding the sale of Raramuris team stock, we are not responsible for this as it had yet to be approved judiciously by the teams front office or the LFA.

From the start of this project, we have never had outstanding balance with our collaborators or suppliers, we have always behaved ethically and professionally in this regard.

The team’s football president is not responsible for any legal action that might be published on any other non official platform, as well as on the official LFA league accounts. other than our Raramuris Pro Football accounts.

We are also not responsible for unauthorized use of our name or logo until further notice. We would like to thank the fans that have supported us since the start of this projects

I’m sure that if we keep patiently working together with our fans, well keep moving our feet.

Sincerely Cuahutemoc Romero Bedolla

This throws a wrench into the planning for the season as it means fewer jobs for personnel, coaches and players as well as one less major source of revenue for the league.

Financials have been a major talking point around the football world in Mexico since the start of the COVID-19 and the lack of revenue has led to the demise of the FAM as well as numerous professional teams in the country.

The Rarámuris, despite being from the FAM, never played any games because the team was founded in 2021, the second year the league was shut down due to COVID. Before the FAM started their 2022 season, the Rarámuris decided to jump to the more established LFA. As a result, they didn’t have a set roster or coaching staff in place.

This, combined with the fact that the Jefes and Cuadillos, who are both also from Chihuahua, were being added, made it difficult for the LFA and their sponsors to handle a third team from the same state.

So ultimately, it is not so surprising that the Rarámuris decided to take a pause for the season.

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