Mexico’s Liga de Futbol Americano Professional Entering Final Weekend And Thriving

After five weeks of play, the LFA, Liga de Futbol Americano Professional in Mexico, has enjoyed outstanding attendance and an exciting brand of football.

It looks like the four-team league has succeeded so far. Based in Mexico City and playing out of one stadium to start, the LFA has seen an average attendance around the 5,000 mark and growing. Each game has been streamed. And all of the games have been exciting making for excellent promotion and a solid base for continued growth.

Mayas on top

The Mayas top the LFA with a 4-1 record followed by the Raptors at 3-2 and the Eagles at 2-3. The Condors are last in the four-team league with a 1-4 record.

The Mayas won four straight games and were looking to go undefeated when they dropped a tough 13-9 loss to the Raptors in week 5. They had beaten the Raptors handily in the opening game of the season 34-6. The Raptors, on the other hand, lost their two opening games and then roared back with three straight victories, the last one against the Mayas 13-9, setting up an interesting playoff scenario.

Mexico - LFA - 2pic

With one game remaining in the regular season, the Mayas can finish in sole possession of first with a win over the third-place Eagles. However, the Eagles played the Mayas tough in their only meeting so far losing by a touchdown, 33-26. The Raptors face the last place Condors who they have beaten once before 40-34.

Nevertheless, it looks like the Mayas and Raptors will face each other in the first LFA final.

Regardless of the outcome, it appears the league, against all odds for a brand new professional American football league, will survive and grow.

Founder Juan Carlos Vazquez has a dream of a thriving eight-team league over the next five years. It seems as if he, and the league, are on their way to realizing that dream.

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