Mexico’s ONEFA: College Football Week 3 Wrap-Up & Week 4 Previews

Mexican College Football – ONEFA’s rivals meet in Week 4

Action began last Friday with the victory of UANL Autenticos Tigres over IPN Aguilas Blancas, 41-6. IPN Aguilas Blancas had a hard season so far, and there is a chance they won’t make the playoffs this year.

UT Frailes and CGP Centinelas met with the UT Frailes winning, 14-7. They might not make the post season, but offered a good match last weekend.

UNAM Pumas won over UVM Linces, despite a hard first half, in the Mexico 68 Stadium, 24-14. Rookie QB Rafael Arenas showed some problems as a starter, but UNAM defense showed their quality in the second half to save victory.

UACH Aguilas and IPN Burros Blancos played a great American Football match. IPN Burros Blancos have had a good season until now, and despite their loss to the UNAM Pumas in week one; but this 16-7 victory over UACH Aguilas is a great step on their playoffs chase.

Week 4 Previews

UNAM Acatlan Pumas v. Chapingo Toros Salvajes

We’ll have some great games for week 4, beginning Friday with a game in the Conferencia Nacional, with UNAM Acatlan Pumas vs Chapingo Toros Salvajes. Acatlan Pumas are having problems in their championship defense with two losses so far this season, but the Chapingo Toros look like a weak team. However, UNAM Acatlan are not in their best shape. Hard game for Acatlan, but I think they add another win on the record. Game will be in FES Acatlan, home of the UNAM Acatlan Pumas, 3:00 p.m. Mexico City time.

UVM Linces v. UANL Autenticos Tigres

Also Friday and, with a LIVE STREAM HERE, are the UVM Linces vs. UANL Autenticos Tigres.

After a loss against UNAM Pumas, the UVM Linces need the victory, but it won’t be easy to defeat Autenticos Tigres. Although UANL Tigres has not reach their optimum game level, they are always a dangerous team. UVM Linces must show more weapons against this rival, if they want the victory. I give this game to UANL, but UVM Linces can give a them a surprise. Game will be in Jose Ortega Martinez Stadium, home of UVM Linces, 7:00 p. m., Mexico City time.

IPN Burros Blancos v. IPN Aguilas Blancas

Saturday, “institutional brothers”, IPN Burros Blancos and IPN Aguilas Blancas will face-off. Aguilas Blancas are desperate for victory, and their 0-2 record is a great handicap in their chase for the playoffs. On the other hand, IPN Burros Blancos are showing great heart and it has been enough until now. Beyond the records, these “brothers” battles are always hard and cruel, but I think IPN Burros Blancos will prevail over Aguilas Blancas. This game will be Saturday, in Jose Ortega Martinez stadium, home of IPN Aguilas Blancas, 11:00 a. m. Mexico City time.

IPN Burros Blancos

CGP Centinelas v. UNAM Pumas

Later, CGP Centinelas face UNAM Pumas, in a very unequal match. UNAM Pumas has score 20 points or more in their first two games; while the CGP Centinelas have scored only 9 points in the entire season. They look like victims to the mighty UNAM Pumas. Game will be in Joaquin Amaro Stadium, 12:00 p. m. Mexico City time.


UACH Aguilas v. UT Frailes

Finally, the UACH Aguilas face UT Frailes. Aguilas maybe fights a playoff ticket with UVM Linces and IPN Burros Blancos, o they need as much victories as they can reach. Last week, the UT Frailes squeezed by the league’s weakest team, they hardly have chance to defeat a well trained team like the  Aguilas, but have enough courage to surprise their rivals. However, I see much more stronger UACH Aguilas. Game will be at Universitario Stadium, home of UACH Aguilas, 6:00 p. m., Mexico City time.

Enjoy the games!

UACH Aguilas