Double Finnish Title Holder Mic Brown New QB For Italy’s Lazio Marines

Quarterback Mic Brown is adding another team and country to his well traveled resume. After repeating as Finnish champion with the Helsinki Roosters, Brown is following his former Roosters head coach Juha Hakala to Italy with the Lazio Marines. 

The 5’10”, 190 lb Brown led the Roosters to the Finnish championship in 2015 and 2016 while also guiding the Gdynia Seahawks to the Polish title in 2015. He has had previous stints with the Marburg Mercenaries in Germany, quarterbacked Team USA in the 2011 IFAF World Championships, played in the CFL with the Hamilton Tiger Cats and Toronto Argonauts and spent a season in Switzerland with the Basel Mean Machine.

American Football International caught up with Mic Brown after his recent signing with the Lazio Marines.

AFI:  You have enjoyed a successful international career and won the last two Finnish championships with Helsinki. Why the move to Italy?

Mic Brown: Success is a relative term, however to say that I’ve impacted a few teams, more players and earned some rings along the way, would be appropriate to say I’ve done well. Aside from that, I’m at the point in my career where there are particular circumstances and criteria that I feel are important to be in place or have the accessibility to put in place and it seemed that was made possible in Rome with the Lazio Marines.

AFI: You have won in Poland and Finland. Where else have you played?

Brown: This is true, yes, along with most of mainland Europe, which include Germany, Switzerland. Along with Canada and of course the U.S.

AFI: How long have you been playing in Europe and how long do you intend to continue?

Brown: This season will make the 9th for my European career. I’ve had a great journey with football around the world. However there are other things I’m highly interested in pursuing, which contributed to my decision to play in Rome. The championship is in July, which would enable me to be back in Canada in perfect time to advance and take a hold of my “new” life, after playing.

This game has been great to me, allowed me to travel the world, obtain three university degrees, marry my college sweetheart and do things I wouldn’t have ever imagined. However it has also divided my time from my wife, son, family and friends. Now this sport has presented the opportunity to bring me back to them and I’m taking it wholeheartedly.

Giving back to the game and the people will be natural for me. In my “new” life, I’m going through the process to become a professor, teaching leadership at the university that poured so much into me (Saint Mary’s). I’ll also contribute back to the football community by coaching these talented kids here in Nova Scotia as well as through my company developing and guiding quarterbacks and other athletes. To say the least, I’m genuinely excited!

AFI: Going to enjoy Italian food, weather and beaches?

Brown: As the saying goes… “When in Rome…” haha

AFI: What has been the difference you feel in the different countries you have played in.

Brown: Well I’ll say this, football is football! Doesn’t matter where you’re at. There’s always room for development(s) and there are always things each of us be it players/coaches can do to contribute to the cause.

I’ve also come to really find a way to attract the community with the team by way of sponsorships and partnerships and to connect teams with teams. An example of this would be the camaraderie and brotherhood I’ve experienced throughout my time in Europe.

Going back to Finland where we were able to promote an awesome “chirp session” with the guys from a rival team. Justin Sottilare and his crew. Or even my own teammate Jaycen Taylor always saying to me “you solid”.

Back to Germany with Jermaine Gwynn always running behind me, and Kendral Ellison, Ryan Newell, not too far behind. The “famous” Carsten Dalkowski saying “we have time”. Take it over to Poland where Jabari Harris was a great friend and opponent. Or having to duck and dodge Meech Eaton and Deante Battle from our toughest rivals to stay alive. Seriously, these are moments to live for, these are stories and relationships that will never die or tarnish and that’s what will separate Europe-American football from other places in the world!

AFI: What do you expect from this move to Italy? You are reunited with your head coach Juha Hakala from Helsinki. Does this make a difference?

Brown: If you know Mic Brown, you know exactly what I’m coming for… New country, new team, new chirp buddies (Zahradka, Giorgio, Pryor, Coach Rita and Coach Ault) all in fun.. as it remains, the same damn goal! And yes, having Coach Juha there means that we’ve shared the same interest and understanding and will bring a championship mentality!

AFI: And anything else you want to add Mic?

Brown: Of course! I can’t close without thanking the coaches, players, families and friends that I’ve acquired over the years. You all will forever be with me and I’m always here for you! Lastly, for all that don’t know who and what the TRIO is… Mic Brown, Bernard Luster and Curtis Slater– Europe will never see anything like us again, better ask ’bout us!!!

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