Michael Irvin “remains suspended” by NFL Network

By Mike Florio

Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin has aggressively fought back against allegations of wrongdoing at a Marriott hotel that resulted in Irvin being suspended by NFL Network during Super Bowl week. As draft week approaches, Irvin’s employment status has not changed.

Via David Moore of the Dallas Morning News, NFL Network spokesperson Alex Riethmiller said that Irvin “remains suspended,” and that he won’t be involved in the network’s draft coverage.

This strongly implies that the league believes the allegations against Irvin have merit. And with no definite date for a return, it’s unclear when or if he even will.

It’s unclear whether Irvin is on paid or unpaid suspension. A paid suspension would give the league more flexibility, since a paid suspension would result in no economic harm to Irvin.

NFL Network seems to be treading lightly on this one, and for good reason. On one hand, it potentially risks liability to Irvin, if he’s eventually fired for no valid reason. On the other hand, the league could alienate a long-time sponsor, if it does anything to undermine Marriott’s defense against Irvin’s pending defamation lawsuit.

Michael Irvin “remains suspended” by NFL Network originally appeared on Pro Football Talk