For the University of Michigan, the onus is on the defensive line is to find a handful of players that can make a similar impact at the defensive tackle position as its counterparts, Aidan Hutchinson and Kwity Paye, do a consistent basis. Defensive coordinator Don Brown believes he has a few names that fit the bill for him this season. Appearing on the Inside Michigan Football radio show on Monday, Brown was asked about the defensive line position and broke down where things stood at the tackle position. After his expansive summary, Brown said it’s clear that there are a few names that he would be comfortable seeing the field moving forward.

“At tackle, Christopher Hinton, Donovan Jeter and this Julius Welschof and Mazi Smith, those guys have all put themselves in a position where you would be comfortable putting them in a game and knowing you’re going to get a quality effort,” Brown said. “Meaning they’re gonna know what to do, gonna know how to function and is going to go out and play hard and play fast. Also, Carlo Kemp, Jess Speight. A guy that has made significant improvement is Phil Paea.”

While multiple names were mentioned. there is one in particular that caught Brown’s attention on the practice field. After entering the program as a raw German-born prospect, Julius Welschof has transformed himself into a player that could see extensive time on the field.

Photo: Wolverines Wire

It’s been a work in progress but Brown has seen the defensive lineman flourish in recent weeks.

“If I had to pick one guy up front that I’m excited about, it’s this Julius Welschof,” Brown said. “He is now 290 pounds and he runs exactly like he ran when he was 260. We’re seeing big things out of him. His ability to run and chase the football from the inside is kind of what we were hoping he would do a year ago, sometimes it just takes a little longer. Abigail has done a really good job helping him nutritionally and he’s playing at a high, high level.”

Brown was asked whether he feels as if the current group of defensive linemen is the deepest room he’s had during his stint in Ann Arbor. Even with all the talented linemen that have come and gone through his time, he believes its the deepest room he’s had.

“Yes, I think without question,” Brown said. “It’s a nice group because they all pull for each other. There’s not a lot of (selfish tendencies). These guys cheer for each other, they root for each other. It’s a great room. I think Shaun Nua has done a great job cultivating it. We’re just anxious to let these guys go in a few weeks to see where we’re at. We’ve had a lot of work going since the middle of June and I’m just excited to see those guys play, that’s all I can say.”

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