Milano Rhinos bring in LB Jeremiah Allison for European Football League

The defending Italian American football champions reinforce roster for international match-ups.

In addition to defending the Italian Football League title the Milano Rhinos won last year, the club will also be engaged in the international in the European Football League (EFL). The Italian champions will host a first round game against the Nice Dauphins (France) on April 8 and then travel to Spain to meet the Badalona Dracs (Spain) on May 6.

A two engagements require the need for a deep roster and, as permitted by competition regulations, the Milano Rhinos have decided to reinforce their ranks with American LB and Washington State University product Jeremiah Allison for these EFL matches.

Coached by Mike Leach at Washington State and Ken Wilson, former coach of the University of Nevada LB Jonathan McNeal with Chris Ault, Allison finished his senior year (2015) in Washington playing 13 games and recording 97 tackles (7.5 per game).

Allison was interviewed about his international signing last week.

When you were contacted by Rhinos, what was your reaction?

Allison: When President D’Ascenzo called I was a bit confused because of the +32 that appeared on the phone screen! It was the first time I received an international call, but when he said that I had a chance not only to see Italy but to play football and teach it, I knew that the opportunity was too good to let get away.

What were the reasons that led you to accept the Rhinos offer?

Allison: Coach Ault is a legend and I knew of him from when Nevada was looking at me, so I have great respect for him. Also, Ken Wilson, who was my linebacker coach in Washington, informed me it would be a good opportunity to keep doing something I love and get to see this beautiful world.

Who was the first person you contacted when you got the offer?

Allison: When I received the news the first person I called was my godmother Koko Boyd and my sister Mary Allison. And of course I sent a text message to the Coach Wilson to thank him.

What kind of player is Jeremiah Allison and what can the Milano Rhinos fans expect?

Allison: I play hard and I am all over field. I expect to leave my mark on the game. The game of football is a fun game to play and you have to enjoy every moment.

The Italian champion Milano Rhinos have a title to defend and a new European challenge, are you ready?

Allison: Of course I’m ready. I finished my collegiate career with a great victory over the Miami Hurricanes in the Sun Bowl and I want to try to continue that streak. Wearing my Sun Bowl ring with pride. The objective is to be a 1 out of 11 and to contribute to the team in any way possible and make the players around me better.

You time will be used for the European Football League tournament. How do you see this limited use?

Allison: I’m still wrapping my mind around the idea that someone like me will have the opportunity to play the game that I love in another country. I’m just a guy who comes from the city of Los Angeles that is living a dream.

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John McKeon is a former professional and collegiate American Football player and coach now living and working in New York. His goal is to spread news, information, and opinion on the global growth of the sport he loves.