Australia’s National Gridiron League Names Millennium Gear Official Partner

As the National Gridiron League of Australia continues marching towards its opening day on August 7, 2016, it has stepped up the intensity. The league has announced that it has signed a deal with with Millennium Gear (MG) to become the NGL’s official athletic apparel partner.

According to the NGL, Millennium Gear will outfit players, coaching staff, officials, dance and cheerleading teams for the 2016 season and beyond. The value of MG’s commitment to the partnership for the 2016 season exceeds US $500,000.

MG, which is the brainchild of Derin Graham, has appointed dedicated designers to the NGL project to create leading uniform and accessory designs. The designers have come up with exciting, cutting edge team uniforms and accessories for all personnel and fans.

In partnership with MG, the NGL will outfit players and personnel with the most exciting and spectacular football uniforms in the world. This will complement NGL’s commitment to superior quality of broadcast production and entertainment.

MG will provide players with four game uniform variations including jersey, pants, socks and under garments. In addition MG will provide accessories such as arm sleeves, towels, spats and head gear. MG will also provide to players four sets of practice cloth with home and away versions. These include shirts, shorts and socks. All specifically designed to reflect the team’s on field uniforms. MG will also provide practice jersey and pants for players. For coaching staff, officials and league personnel, MG will supply game and practice uniforms for warm and cold environments.

About Millennium Gear

Millennium Gear creates uniforms and accessories for players, designed by players. MG gear is a premium product fully manufactured in the United States to strict quality and design specifications.

Millennium Gear uses an MG 4-way stretch material that is an exclusive fabric proprietary to Millennium Gear. This fabric is the best available for football uniforms allowing for the ultimate durability, compression and snug fitting to the body. MG uses the highest quality fabrics and threads in all football uniforms, accessories and apparel. MG fabrics have been extensively tested for performance and durability.

NGL/MG Partnership

As part of the partnership and licensing agreement, the NGL and MG will launch a global online store offering fans a complete range of exciting fan and sports apparel. MG will also establish regional support office facilities and personnel in Australia, as part of the MG strategy to make its superior products available to other Australian football leagues and sports. MG also creates products for sports such as rugby, soccer, track and field and many others.

Original release by the NGL.

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