Munich Ravens name 65 man training camp roster

The Munich Ravens of the European League of Football have named their 65-man roster for the 2024 training camps scheduled for three weekends in April and May.

Ravens head coach Kendral Ellison:

“Earn everything! That’s been our motto all offseason and that’s exactly what these men did. Each of these players has earned the right to be called a Bavarian Beast. I am very proud of the players who gave their all in offseason training, our 4th quarter program and in the OTAs. On paper we are an impressive group, but what we look like on paper means absolutely nothing. In all my years I have never seen this game played on paper. Therefore, the real work lies ahead of us and I have no doubt that these men will represent Bavaria and this organization in the best possible way.”

The training camps will be held as follows:

April 27-28: Zeppelin Field, Nuremberg

May 4-5: Oberhaching sports school 1

May 11-12: Unterhaching training ground (Sternstrasse)

Coach Ellison and his staff have selected the following 65 players to attend the camps.

Quarterbacks: Chad Jeffries, Lukas von Stumpfeldt, Levin Adrom
Running Backs: Tomiwa Oyewo, Justin Rodney, Felix Wenz, Rachid Ali-Tagba, Benedikt Pohler
Wide Receivers: Jon Cole, Marvin Rutsch, Lorenz Regler, Sven Beyrich, Sixten Dragan, Luca Salvo, Jannik Nowak, Yonathan Assefa, Lukas Anzeneder
Tight Ends: Philip Okonkwo, Marlon Malki, Noah Jallow, Manuel Hutter, Sebastian Reiner
Offensive Line: Roman Wahrheit, Gerrit Brandt, Dominik Ondra, Leander Wiegand, Marlon Werthmann, Marvin Biegert, Tobias Vorreiter, Simon Hugger, Marco Fischer, Philip Weinzierl, Tassilo Wagner
Defensive Line: Evans Yeboah, Johannes Zirngibl, Hiswill Awuah, Tizian Vogl, Ralph Zistler, Dominic Siegel, EJ Lui, Souleymane Ba, Leon Weber, Bilal Mawuena
Linebackers: Wael Nasri, Tyler Vaimaona, Kevin Titz, Jakob Mahler, Diego Emanuel, Lukas Levin, Jonas Schwaiger, Enis Kaser, Patrick Engelhardt, Nicolas Klingshirn, Max Walser
Defensive Backs: Darius Saint-Robinson, Joshua Flowers, Christoph Nitzlnader, Nico Leiderer, Marcos Schlabitz, Karim Ben El Gahli, Jonas Gürntke, Eric Eichhorn, Erik Köhncke, Igor Bujok
Specialists: Robert Werner

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