National Gridiron League Head Coaches Start Landing In Australia In Early August

The eight head coaches for Australia’s new professional National Gridiron League are scheduled to begin arriving in next week in Australia in preparation for the league start on October 9. The first head coach to be landing is Kevin Magouirk, head coach of the Logan City Wolverines.

Other head coaches include Michael Torres (Brisbane Outlaws) and Richard Bonds of the Sydney Express.

According to the league, all the head coaches will initially be based in Brisbane to work out of league offices, handling various administrative duties related to overall league and team administration. Before any team activities begin, coaches will also focus on the league’s community engagement and sport development projects.

The National Gridiron League is aware it seems that it has an uphill battle and is committed to developing and growing American football and sport overall in Australia. The game is a niche sport at best so community engagement has become a priority.

Coach and player clinics planned

As part of this commitment, the NGL is establishing several American football development programs as early as August 2016. These projects include various coach and player clinics and expanding the existing engagement with local schools. Several key coaching staff will be responsible for the delivery of these projects and programs.

Although some coaching staffs will remain in Australia only during the season, with a focus on team activities, many will remain on a long term basis to focus on the development of the sport. This also extends to many players.

The NGL says it will be making further detailed announcements relating to its community and development projects in the coming weeks, as select coaching staff arrive.

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