Netflix shooting Last Chance U in Spain? Nope. Reus Imperials at it again!

Last year, Spain’s Reus Imperials, Spanish semifinalists in 2017, gained international attention by releasing the news on December 28 that they had signed world-renowned former soccer star Carlos Puyol.

The thing is, in Spain, December 28 happens to be the day of practical jokes, or pranks, much like April 1 or April Fools Day is in many other parts of the world. Termed the “Day of the Holy Innocents”, it is a part of the Spanish Christmas tradition.

However, to most of the rest of the world, that is a little-known fact.

So the news that one of the world’s most renowned former soccer players, Carles Puyol had signed up to play fullback for the Reus Imperials in Spain caused quite a stir . Reporters from around the world contacted the club, not realizing the significance of the day in Spain.

Well, the Imperials are at it again this year.

The Imperials are claiming that Netflix’s popular American football documentary series, Last Chance U.  Last Chance U tells the tale of one of the NCAA’s most fertile recruiting schools, East Mississippi Community College, will cross the Atlantic for the next season and spotlight the club. East Mississippi Community College is home to players who have been removed from Division I teams for various infractions and gives them a last chance to prove themselves and return to Division I.

Reus PR Director Marcos Vega:

“The 28th of December in Spain is the same as the 1st of April – April Fools Day. The idea was mine. After last year’s story gained so much attention, I wanted to continue the tradition and to draw attention to American football in Spain which is not very popular here yet. The news was very well received both in Spain and worldwide, and on that day we received more than 20,000 visits on the web to read the story. Some news media in Catalonia published a summary of the news of this day and ours was the first. New followers arrived from Brazil and Russia, in addition to national followers. Last Chance U has many followers in Spain, and the third season is expected with great enthusiasm.”

The news release, includes quotes from the president of the Imperials, Jaume Agustench, as well as “quotes” from Buddy Stephens, technical director of EMCC, and Last Chance U director Greg Whiteley, explaining the reasons for choosing the Reus Imperials. The announcement concludes with a disclaimer at the very bottom, reminding readers that December 28 is in fact the “Day of the Holy Innocents”, the day of practical jokes.

How many people actually read to the bottom of a story?

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