New England Patriots Win the Most Dramatic Super Bowl Ever

Every day after the Super Bowl, American football fans tend to come out and say that it was the best match ever.

Never before were pundits, journalists and football lovers more entitled to make this statement than Monday morning. The New England Patriots lifted the trophy once again after beating the Atlanta Falcons in overtime. The Super Bowl was everything that the fans could’ve wished for and much more.

Throughout the regular season, the Patriots won more games than any other team and quickly became the bookmakers’ darlings. Under these circumstances, it was hardly a surprise that they were credited with the first chance to win the match. In fact, more people placed bets on the Super Bowl than ever and the regular time draw benefited most of the bookies seen here. As for the show itself, New England’s incredible comeback stole the hearts of all football lovers not only Patriots fans.

Everything Starts and Ends with Tom Brady

The man that everyone was watching before and during the Super Bowl rose to the occasion and led his team to victory. Tom Brady wrapped up the season with one of his best performances yet and has a good claim at the title of the greatest player of all time. New England trailed Atlanta 28-3 at one point and was forced to overcome this huge deficit in a bit over a quarter to play. After a scoreless first quarter, few expected the high-scoring contest, but the enthusiastic crowds got the spectacle they were hoping for. Atlanta scored first, soon after they made it 14-0 and when the Patriots went into half time 21-3 down, the specter of defeat was already looming.

When Ryan made it 28-3, only the most enthusiastic New England fans were still hoping for a miraculous rebound. Something went terribly wrong for the Falcons who turned from a model of effectiveness into a total train wreck in the final quarter. Tom Brady’s brilliance brought the Patriots back into the race, as they recuperated 17 points and with 3:38 to play, the decisive drive began. At the end of the day, it was team play that won New England the match, with stellar performances from Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola.

Once their relentless football machine started firing on all cylinders, there was nothing that Atlanta could do. Eventually it was James White that rushed for a 2 yard touchdown and the greatest page in Super Bowl history was written.

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