New “European Super League” set to start

A total of 10 teams from Poland, Lithuania, Belarus and Russia have come together to form what they are calling the “European Super League”, ESL, scheduled to kick off April 6.

Organized by the Polish Association of American Football, PLFA, this new league will feature two divisions, the West and East Divisions with each team playing a total of six games within their own division. Then the two top teams in each division will play a semifinal game and the winners will advance to the final to be held in late July.

Western Division

Warsaw Eagles (Poland)

Bydgoszcz Archers (Poland)

Krakow Tigers (Poland)

Ząbki Dukes (Poland)

Vilnus Iron Wolves (Lithuania, Vilnius)

Kaunas Dukes (Lithuania, Kaunas)

Eastern Division

Minsk Litvins (Belarus, Minsk)

Moscow Spartans (Russia, Moscow)

St.Petersburg North Legion (Russia, St. Petersburg)

St.Petersburg Griffins (Russia, St. Petersburg)

The words of Artemii Rogovoi, President of the Moscow Spartans, defending Russian champions echo the sentiments of all the participants:

“We are happy to be able to cooperate with Poland’s Topliga. We did not follow the needs of just this year. We want to build a long-term cooperation. The ideas we have been presented and the vector of development that we intend to pursue, make us believe that in the future we will be able to build a large and strong international project.”



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