New top QB/RB in Italy as season heads into home stretch

As Italy’s Division I,  heads into the home stretch of the regular season there is a new passing leader as Milano Seamen QB Luke Zahradka has taken over from Lazio Ducks Hans Fortune. There is also a new rushing leaderswith Lazio Ducks RB Mike Gentili moving back into the top spot.

The Milano Seamen and Milano Rhinos each have four total representatives in the four categories followed by the Lazio Ducks and Ancona Dolphins who have three each. The Parma Panthers and Firenze Guelfi follow with two apiece while the Bolzano Giants and  Bergamo Lions each have one.

The Milano Seamen lead the league standings with a 7-0 record followed by the 5-1 Parma Panthers, 5-2 Bolzano Giants and the Guelfi  who are at 4-3 and in fourth.


Luke Zahradka from the Milano Seamen has taken over as the leading passer in Italy with 1,659 yards and a whopping 26 TDs in 7 games. Lazio Ducks QB Hans Fortune has dropped down to 2nd with 1,496 yards and 16 TDs. Milano Rhinos QB Kevin Ellison has climbed up into 3rd with 1,485 yards while Tommasso Monardi of the Parma Panthers is now 4th. He has thrown for 1,183 yards and 14 TDs. Finally Josh Dean of the Ancona Dolphins is now 5th with 1,017 yards.


Lazio Ducks RB Mike Gentili has regain the lead in rushing yardage with 545 yards while Firenzi Guelfi QB Tony Dawson has slipped down into 2nd with his 496.  Next up is Parma Panthers Alessandro Malpeli Avali  who has 426 yards rushing in 6 games. Bolzano Giants QB Jon Brown is 4th with 401 yards while Bergamo Lions young QB Andrea Fimiani is now 5th with 366 yards.


Milano Seamen ace WR Xavier Mitchell has retained the lead in receiving yardage for the second week in a row and how has 743 yards and also a league-best 13 TD receptions. Lazio Ducks WR Paolo Biancalana has stayed in 2nd with 609 yards. Milano Rhinos WR Giacomo Bonanno has jumped up into 3rd with 531 yards while Stefano Di Tunisi, from the Milano Seamen remains in  4th with 502 yards .Another Rhinos receiver, Gabriele Arioli is now 5th with 481 yards.


The Firenzi Guelfi defense has played a huge part in their vast improvement this year with LB Nicholas Holshee still leading the way with 44 tackles to top the league. Milano Rhinos Matt Conroy remains in 2nd with 42.5 while Milano Seamen LB Kevin Khay is now 3rd with 39 tackles. Two Ancona Dolphins, Nikolas Suppa and Mattia Dal Monte are 4th and 5th respectively with 37.5 and 34.5 tackles.


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