New York Jets games to watch from November through December

NFL fans have been anticipating the release of tickets for the remaining American football games as the holiday season has begun. As of the end of November, some of the biggest games have been scheduled to take place over the December festive season, something we are all looking forward to. With holidays on the way, the stadiums are filling up and tickets are selling out like hot cakes.

Thus far, the season has been unlike any other with heated passion filling the sets of the stadium and fans wondering what’s to be expected from the next game. Predictions haven’t been spot on and some are beginning to wonder if this is one of the most unpredictable seasons in all of American football gaming.

For those looking to get in on the action or book a seat at some of the biggest games expected for 2018, here is what you need to know following the upcoming schedule.

National Football League Season 2018 – 2019

To kick off the NFL festive season, the New York Jets are set to take to the bright lights of the all American stadium featuring the conference finals which are booked for January 2019. The upcoming games are currently on and began back in August 2018. Tickets are presently on sale for the games being held in New York.

The next game is set and takes place on the 2nd December 2018, the final game set for 2018 takes place on the 30th December, just in time for New Year’s celebrations.

Here is a list of the upcoming teams set to play against the New York Jets following the recent games of 2018:

2 December – Titans vs. Jets

9 December – Bills vs. Jets

15 December – Texans vs. Jets

23 December – Packers vs. Jets

30 December – Patriots vs. Jets

New York Jets Game Play History 2018

With the football season well under way, fans have already cashed in or paid out. Here is what we know about the NFL season for the Jets thus far;

Beginning the season play offs, the New York Jets took on the Lions and won the game convincingly with the end result being a score of 48 for the Jets and 17 for the Lions. Following the game, which was held on the 10th of September, the Jets took a knock when they lost to the Dolphins 12 to 20.

The opening season had fans on the edge of their seats and here is what was to follow during the games which have taken place so far:

20 September – Browns beat the Jets 21-17

30 September – Jaguars beat the Jets 31 – 12

7 October – Jets beat the Broncos 34 -16

14 October – Jets beat the Colts 42 -34

21 October – Vikings beat the Jets 27 – 17

28 October – Bears beat the Jets 24 – 10

4 November – Dolphins beat the Jets 13 – 6

11 November – Bills beat the Jets 41 – 10

25 November – Patriots beat the Jets 27 – 13

 NY Jets fans have access to replays via video footage of the games passed. Some of the most intense moments have been recorded for viewer’s pleasure.

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