NFL 2017 – 6 Must Watch Games of the Season

#6: Denver Broncos at Miami Dolphins; Week 13 Sunday, December 3 at 1 pm

It is one match that should be evenly matched where Vance Joseph will come against the team he played for in the last season. You wait to see if Joseph will replace Wade Phillips effectively in leading the defense over the last two seasons. However, the Broncos are better placed to make a postseason win against the AFC West.  This matchup will be interesting with Joseph expected to lead  Bronco’s defense the way Wade did and how the Dolphins defense will be expected to behave in this game.

#5: New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers; Week 15 Sunday, December 17 at 4.25 pm

It will definitely be unpredictable match given that both teams have faced off triple times over the past two seasons. Given that of all the three face-offs, it was not particularly awe-inspiring. Analyzed from off the pitch, the contests would look blah on TV and hopefully will be like their 2015 Kick off game that did not feature Le’Veon Bell. Considering the previous season’s AFC Championship Game, it will be interesting to see how Bell’s sideline in the first quarter would bring any changes in this season’s upcoming game.

#4: Dallas Cowboys at Atlanta Falcons; Week 10 Sunday, November 12 at 4.25 pm

It can be considered as the NFC Championship that never was in the last season, but the match would have been tighter if the Cowboys were the ones hosting the Falcons being the second-seeded Falcons offensive would have been easily handled by the Cowboys defense.  Given that the Cowboys have losses in the secondary implies that the Falcons will not have any reason to worry concerning this match being controlled by the Green Bay last January. This scenario is expected to repeat itself when the Cowboys will be running the game against Ezekiel Elliot, and this matchup is also expected to be a track meeting of the 2017 NFC Championship match.

#3: Dallas Cowboys at Oakland Raiders; Week 15 Sunday, December 17 at 8:30 pm

These two teams have always pitted against each other every four years, and every time they play against one another they have always displayed a classic football match. Both teams have eight Lombardi trophies, and the Good versus Evil history between the two teams have always left the audience with lots of exciting fun with the games between the teams. Both teams have solid quarterbacks, defenses, and receivers and both feel they will meet in this season’s Super Bowl, of which if it happens will display an awesome match. You can get no fee NFL tickets from here to ensure that you will not miss the best moments of the season.

#2: New England Patriots at Oakland Raiders; Week 11 Sunday, November 19 at 4:25 pm

Last season the Patriots have displayed a series of wins and kept every NFL enthusiast as to which team will challenge them in the AFC. The Pittsburg Steelers could have been a better contender to challenge, but they are seriously fumbling around. The Chiefs are not also expected to bring them down. However the Oakland Raiders are geared to be their title threat, and their head coach is likely to make a juicy coaching matchup that will likely bring the Patriots down, especially when the two teams meet in the playoffs considering their controversial postseason meets in 1976, 1985, and 2001.

#1: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers; Week 14 Sunday, December 10 at 8:30 pm

Many fans of the NFL agree that the Baltimore Ravens is an average team going by their performance in last few seasons. However, their rivalry with the Pittsburg Steelers will display the best match in football. The games have been intense whenever the two teams have played against one another. It is one match that you should expect serious playoff consequences.

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