NFL Announces London Games and Could Move Further into Europe

The NFL didn’t move out of the USA last season due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but the new 2021 season is set to be different. With worldwide travel allowed, the NFL will once again play in London, with two games scheduled to take place at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

This is a new stadium, built for soccer but with the intention of holding NFL games, with features such as a full sized NFL pitch rolled into the stadium, and full size NFL locker rooms already in place.

With this stadium, and the fans in the UK, we are likely to see the NFL sticking with London, and probably sticking with the same stadium too. There is also a great following in the UK with people betting on NFL, with people looking to find the best online betting offers for football and using them on the games each week of the season.

Who Will Play in London This Year?

We have two London games this season. First up, on October 10, the New York Jets will take on the Atlanta Falcons and that is followed by a game on October 17 between the Miami Dolphins and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The good news for fans looking to attend these games is that we are beyond the July 2 deadline for players opting out of the coming season, and none of the stars from these games have pulled out.

That means the likes of Matt Ryan, and recent high draft picks Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson and Tua Tagovailoa will all be in action across these two weekends. While everyone knows the ability that Ryan has, the other three could well turn into league stars over the coming years, with fans in the UK getting an early glimpse.

Lawrence is perhaps the most interesting of all those players, simply because of the team he plays for. The Jags now have a long history with London and that could mean Lawrence visits on a regular basis. If he does, fans from the UK are likely to quickly jump on the Lawrence bandwagon and cheer him all the way.

What Other European Countries Could Get Involved?

There is hope around Europe that other countries will soon be able to host NFL games. Talk recently has been about Germany, which is no surprise given that six of the eight teams in the current European League of Football are from Germany and the appetite there is as strong as anywhere else.

This certainly isn’t the only country possible though. A look at the line up of live games available to watch from various leagues around Europe will show you that American Football is growing on the continent.

If the NFL wants to try and help with that, then staging a big game in the country would certainly kickstart something. This could go on tour around the various European countries who have leagues in place, in the hope of raising the standard and interest in the sport, which will benefit the NFL in the long run.

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