NFL Betting: The Full Guide

NBA and NFL betting offer similar betting types. Moneyline, totals, and point spread are the default betting types that open up doors for exploration. The wager types work in a similar manner and people who search for sports betting would also have to rely on similar sets of principles while doing their research. However, some differences can be considered while wagering each. 

Difference Between NBA Betting And NFA Betting

One of the major differences between these two is the number of games for each sport. NFL teams play 16 games during a regular season which is one game per week. In the NBA, the squad plays 82 games over a period of a campaign with a number of games per week.

NFL games attract lots of punters to bet on them. For the NBA, marquee affairs face the maximum volume whereas the rest sees much lesser numbers. The NFL has more parity than the NBA. 

Work Schedule For NBA Teams

There are 30 NBA teams that are spread across two conferences namely Western and Eastern with 6 divisions. Each team plays an 82 game schedule which is divided among conference foes, division rivals, and clubs from the opposite conference. The season winds down in April and gets underway in November on a regular year. 

The NBA playoffs take place after that and the top 8 teams from each conference. The top two teams compete against each other at the conference finals. Marquee matchups see the most action and the postseason games offer high betting figures and wagering. There is a hierarchy to the league where elite contenders, clubs jockeys lead. 

Work Schedule For NFL Teams

The NFL has 32 teams divided into two conferences: National Football Conference and American Football Conference. Each conference is further subdivided into 4 divisions, each catering to a quartet of teams. The regular season starts in early September and ends in December or January. It is a 17 week season in which each team plays 16 games and the schedules are balanced between division, conference, and interconference affairs. 

Each time gets a week off as well. The top 7 teams in each conference qualify and play-offs are single-elimination games. The top 2 teams on each side qualify for the championship games. There is a decent deal or parity in the NFL and the pecking order develops over the season. Each year caters to new contenders. 

Online Betting Rules: NFA Vs NBA

According to gambling statistics, each CasinoGap sportsbook allowing credit card deposits follows a set of rules for each sport they cater to. There are standards as well as differences across the industry. The basics are : 

  • Bets are considered to be live only when games get underway. In case of delay or postponement, wagers are still considered active if the game is completed within a minimum time frame. 
  • Official league data is used to settle wagers and this is applicable on final scores and statistics for live betting and props. 
  • Total wagers and spreads that land on the number that is listed is a push and bets will be refunded in such a scenario. If a game is cancelled, bets are void and refunded back. 
  • Reviewing the rules is important before placing a bet. In case of unusual and unexpected circumstances, there might be more than one approach to them. 

NFA Odds 

In the NFL, each team plays once per week with distinct broadcast windows for the contests. The schedule starts with Thursday Night Football, continues with Sunday Slate, and then Sunday Night and Monday Night. The odds come out in advance and betting lines can be seen as Sunday winds down. NFL games have lots of bets. 

NFA Betting On Totals, Spreads, Moneylines

Moneyline, point spread, and total bets are available for the NFL and the odds can be found on the listings at IL online sportsbooks. 

  • Moneyline: One has to choose the winner of the game in the form of a bet. Favourites have negative odds. For moneyline bets, if there is a big difference between the two numbers, then the game indicates a clear favourite. Closer numbers turn into toss-ups. 
  • Point Spread: It is an estimated margin of victory. One can pick their favourite side and it has to cover the spread in order to win the bet. 
  • Totals: This bet covers the total points scored in a game and the oddsmakers set a benchmark number for the punters. In the NFL, the over/under is double digits.


The odds available for both NBA and NFL attract punters globally. Plenty of bettors choose to wager on both sports while some prefer the NFL over the NBA. Both the games have their own sets of rules that punters need to obey to win bets. 

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