NFL: Danish lineman Hjalte Froholdt ranked sixth among all guards

According to the analytical website Pro Football Focus, Denmark’s Hjalte Froholdt has played at a pretty high level in the New England Patriot’s two first preseason games.

Out of 100 guards, PFF have ranked him sixth overall.

Pro Football Focus analyzes each player in the NFL in minute detail and assigns them grades on a weekly basis. In the Patriots‘ first two games, wins over the Detroit Lions and Tennessee Titans, Froholdt played all the Patriots‘ snaps.

PFF gave Froholdt a total score of 72.4 for the game against the Titans.┬áThe scale ranges from zero to 100, with 60 being an average grade. The 72.4 is marginally below the 73.5 grade he earned against the Lions in the first game. Overall, he received a score of 75.6 after the two games. PFF ranked him sixth among the 87 guards who have played over 20% of their team’s snaps in the preseason.

In the passing game he has a score of 69.8, which is 26th best, while he has a score of 73.0 in the running game which is ninth best. In all, Froholdt has allowed one hurry (where the quarterback must hurry up due to pressure) over the two games. In addition, Froholdt had three holding calls.

The next task for Froholdt and the Patriots in this preseason will be the Carolina Panthers. Froholdt might not see as much playing time in this game as several of the Patriots‘ starters will be given playing time for the first time in the preseason.

Source: Teis Joranger,

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