NFL overturns Watsons suspension, hands out 11 games.

By Noah Costantino, AFI writer

Finally, it seems the carousel ride of Deshaun Watson v The National Football League has come to a climactic end. Over 2 weeks ago, on August 1st, the judge presiding over the case, Sue Robinson, implemented a 6-game suspension for Watson’s violation of NFL rules and policies.

Judging by the reaction around the league and around the sports world in general, it was obvious the NFL was going to appeal the suspension and they did just that.

After two weeks the NFL and the NFLPA were able to reach a settlement on Thursday of an 11-game suspension and a fine of five million dollars. While this may seem like a lot, the NFL and Goodell were pushing for an indefinite year-long suspension.

The fact that it is only 11 games is not only a win for Watson and the Browns but also for the NFLPA to be able to stick beside a player and reach a settlement. Watson will also have to attend mandatory evaluative treatment programs as a part of the settlement.

Watson will make his regular-season debut as a Cleveland Brown in week 13 against the Houston Texans, his former team, in Houston.

As of now, Jacoby Brissett is the number one quarterback in Cleveland with the absence of Deshaun Watson. There have been rumblings of a potential trade for 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo. However, since the suspension is less than a year, the Browns’ front office is no doubt comfortable enough with Brissett manning the ship until Watson is able to make his return to the football field.



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