NFL players decide most annoying fan bases in anonymous poll

By  Elizabeth Flores, USA TODAY

The players of different NFL teams have varying opinions about the loudest and proudest fans in their stands. Some consider it a good trait of a fan, whereas others find it very annoying. Recently, The Athletic conducted an anonymous poll of NFL players to determine the most annoying fanbase in the NFL, and the results were not all that surprising.

According to the poll, the Philadelphia Eagles fans were voted as the most annoying fans in the league with 25.3 percent of the vote. The Dallas Cowboys fans came in second with 24.7 percent of the vote.

A anonymous NFL player who took part in a poll described Eagles fans as noisy, impolite, and unpleasant.

Another voter stated that “they feel like they are the most knowledgeable football fans in the world” when referring to an Eagles fan.

A player who voted for the Cowboys fanbase as the most irritating said, “They usually believe that they should win the Super Bowl every year.”

Apart from the Eagles and Cowboys, the Buffalo Bills fans received 7.5 percent of the vote, securing the fourth position, while the New York Jets fanbase got 6.8 percent of the votes

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: NFL players decide most annoying fan bases in anonymous poll