NFL Players with the Most Luxurious Lifestyle

There are numerous things that could earn (almost) anyone a ticket to a luxurious lifestyle today. You can lead a life as an actor, a musician or simply as a successful entrepreneur – but you can also become an American Football player in the NFL. Many NFL players lead luxurious lives with unique houses and cars most people can still only dream of.
However, of all the big names people know in the football league, who has the most luxurious life? Many of the current players on the NFL are getting extensive paychecks, not only through their salary but also through a lot of advertising contracts. Just a few years ago, it has become possible for NFL teams to even accept advertising from casinos in light of the fact that many other popular athletes like Usain Bolt or Cristiano Ronaldo already promote gambling companies. Here are some of the most luxurious players in the league.

Tom Brady

First and foremost, Tom Brady does not only have the most amazing houses and cars; he was lucky enough to win the supermodel Gisele Bündchen as his wife. Together, they are known to have an extraordinary lifestyle. The couple bought their $20 million/ £18.5 million condo designed by Robert A.M Stern. The home is a five-bedroom house on to 5000sq-foot land. It has an 82-foot lap pool, a sauna, a six-car garage, nine bathrooms and an exercise studio. It is built for privacy, shielding the couple from paparazzi.

Apart from the house, one of Brady’s coolest cars is his Aston Martin Convertible. He owns the DB11 edition but partnered with the car’s company to create a limited edition of the 2017 Aston Martine Convertible that cost $360,000/£333,700 at the time of the purchase. Only 12 of such cars were built of this edition.

Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers had his career take off back in college football, setting several records. In 2005, he got selected by the Green Bay Packers to join the NFL, and since then his lifestyle has been on another different level. He owns a red SLS AMG excellent performance car, which is one of the most luxurious models by Mercedes.

Rodger’s crib is nothing short of enormous and exuberant. In the courtyard, there is a big swimming pool plus well-manicured trees. Being the athlete that he is, his house has a gym, a sports room, a football field and even a basketball court. Other non-sport amenities include a sauna, a spa, a home cinema, a beauty salon and a gaming room.

Earl Thomas

Earl Thomas is one of those football players whose value keeps growing. After he left Seattle Seahawks and became a free agent for a few months, he landed a four-year deal with Baltimore Ravens with a value of $55 million/ £51 million. His lifestyle is mainly seen in his supercar passion.

The McLaren 600LT he recently purchased is a dream car for most people. His garage also has the Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster, another one of the most appealing vehicles you can have in the world today.

Patrick Peterson

The most fantastic property owned by Patrick Peterson is his desert house in Arizona. This is a $1.9 million/ £1.76 million estate with a waterless front yard and a stone façade décor. The property has a tiered swimming pool, sports court with stone-decorated interiors. The building looks like the perfect home for an NFL star player.

Adrian Peterson

The Minnesota Vikings former player owns a $6.7 million/ £6.2 million mansion in Woodlands, Texas. The property is a six-bedroom house with ten bathrooms, walk-in wine cellar, full bar, pool, a two-storey library ad a game room. It also has two outdoor kitchens. Though all these features are quite impressive, the thing that probably makes it this expensive is its extension ground of 9 acres.


When it comes to a player’s luxury, there is a lot that can be said. However, what makes him stand out as one of the most luxurious players is mostly his property, that is his house and cars. The above players have lifestyles that will keep you wishing you were in their shoes. Several other names are worth checking out such as Robert Griffin III, Tony Romo, Russell Wilson, Aaron Donald, among others.

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