NFL rates first ever position-specific helmet No. 2 in lab testing

The NFL has announced that the Vicis Zero2-R Trench helmet – the first helmet designed specifically for linemen – performed so well in testing that it was ranked second among all helmets tested.

Originally introduced by Vicis in February, the Zero2-R-Trench outperformed all but one other helmet, its cousin, of the 41 models tested by the league. It was another new Vicis model, the Zero2-R Matrix, that took top spot while a third, the Zero2-R, rounded out the top three.

NFL Executive Vice President Jeff Miller said in a statement:

“Players have more and better choices than ever before. Continued improvement in helmet design has raised the bar for top performing helmet models. The introduction of the first position-specific helmet is a promising development within the helmet industry to further customize helmets for the unique safety requirements of each position.

“The NFL and NFLPA have long supported critical innovation in helmet design through our research and innovation challenges and by providing necessary data to manufacturers, and we’re excited for that effort to yield tangible results.”

The league also noted that three helmets were added to the list of prohibited models and that more than 99 percent of the league’s players used “top-performing” models during the 2020 season.

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