NFL records which are going to be broken in 2019

Records are made to be broken. However, in NFL, some records are set up for years without a sign that someone else will take over them. This year of 2019, there are some of the long-time records will have to change. Let us name out top breakable records in this article!

  1. Career passing touchdowns

Peyton Manning has been the one who keep his record of the most passing touchdowns, 539 times. However, Drew Brees and Tom Brady will soon break it. When Drew Brees has captured 520 passing touchdowns, Brady is also only 22 scored behind the record. With the performances of the current impression, the two will surely pass the number set up by Manning by the end of the season. However, the number will not stop there. As Brady will not stop his career until the age of 45, he is about to break deeply the record and set it up for another long time to come.

  1. Career pass attempts

Once again, Drew Brees will make a threat for another record, which is 10,169 pass attempts made by Brett Favre. Brees is indeed a man to break the records. Last year, he did break Favre and Manning’s records of career passing yards, and this year, he will surpass Favre as the record holder of pass attempts, with just only 387 more attempts to be on top of the list. This will not be a big challenge for the player who has been the legend of New Orleans Saints.

  1. Single-season receptions

The current holder of this record is Marvin Harrison, with 143 receptions were made. The only player until this moment can replace Harrison to top this list is Michael Thomas. Thomas was the one who led the league with 125 receptions and catch the percentage of 85% in the season of 2018. Will Thomas be successful as the new holder of single-season reception record? Online Sport Betting in NJ is the most popular, but you can also bet on him in any other NFL betting sites.

  1. Career field-goal attempts

Adam Vinatieri is heading to his 24th NFL season, with another record to be broken by him. In this season, there is no way for him not to set his own record as the kicker with the most field-goal attempts of all time. There are only 20 field-goal attempts ahead for him to achieve before getting the record. By this he will pass Morten Anderson, who made 709 attempts for field goal before. The performances of Vinatieri were always impressive, with only one season of 2009 did he attempted fewer than 25 field goals. In that season, he suffered from a serious injury and could not play with his all potential.

  1. Super Bowl victories

This record comes to NFL teams. New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers are sharing the record of the most Super Bowl titles. However, this year will be another year for New England, when they already surpassed Pittsburgh in the season and are heading to another title. In total, New England will capture 7 victories after all, leaving Pittsburgh only 1 title less.

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