NFL Teams that Will Benefit the Most from the 2021 Draft

The NFL Draft is fast approaching, and it’s the time for NFL teams to evaluate their assets and look to either shore up their roster with role players or to draft or trade for that player that will lead them to the next level.

One of the most exciting things about the NFL Draft is not just watching these former amateur athletes enter the world of professional football, but also having a glimpse at how the season will play out based on each team’s draft picks. The draft is one of the surefire ways for a middling or bad team to instantly improve and get their hands on a player that might potentially save their franchise from mediocrity.

With the amount of talent in this year’s draft, we should expect plenty of teams to make moves that will allow them to maximize their gains from this class. These teams not only include the teams that will draft first, but also teams that are positioned later in the draft who might make moves and give up some assets for a better pick.

The perfect draft pick might put a team in limbo into instant playoff contention or might even propel a mediocre team into the championship picture, and these are the teams that are looking to get that rookie that will dictate the franchise’s future.

Jacksonville Jaguars

There’s no denying that every team covets the number one pick, but together with that top pick is the burden to use it wisely. It’s not unheard of for number one overall picks to be overtaken by players drafted after them, but this should not be a problem for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

It’s basically set in stone that the Jaguars will draft Trevor Lawrence, and as far as projected top one picks go, Lawrence belongs in the highest echelon. Lawrence has been nothing short of phenomenal in his college career, and the Jacksonville Jaguars will finally have their hands on a franchise quarterback that could carry the team to greater heights in the near future.

New York Jets

Though Lawrence is the undisputed best in his class, the 2021 Draft is not short on talent at the quarterback position. Another top-tier QB prospect is Zach Wilson, who’s widely expected to go number two in this year’s draft.

The New York Jets has been among the worst teams in the league in recent history, and a rebuild through the draft is their best option, given the team’s lack of enviable assets. Of course, there’s no better position to start a rebuild with than quarterback, and Wilson fits the bill as the face of the Jets’ future.

San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers are under a lot of pressure to use their pick wisely, and signs point to the 49ers drafting a quarterback, as Jimmy Garoppolo might be on his way out from San Francisco.

This year’s draft offers the 49ers plenty of options for their QB of the future. While there’s plenty of buzz surrounding Mac Jones going to San Francisco, the 49ers may also opt for other top college QBs like Trey Lance and Justin Fields.

Cincinnati Bengals

There’s nowhere to go but up for the Cincinnati Bengals, and their main priority now should be shoring up their offensive line to protect 2020 No. 1 pick and franchise QB Joe Burrow.

Burrow’s talent and ability to command the offense is undeniable, but the Bengals have been having trouble protecting their QB in the pocket. With the fifth overall pick in the draft, the Bengals should be snatching up Penei Sewell to fortify the offensive line and fully unleash Burrow.

Miami Dolphins

Tua Tagovailoa has shown flashes of being an All-Pro QB last season, and the Miami Dolphins are looking to increase the weapons at Tagovailoa’s disposal.

The Dolphins are picking 6th overall in this draft, and they should have some options at this point in the draft. Miami could either go for Ja’Marr Chase or Kyle Pitts to complement Tagovailoa and establish Miami’s young core.

New England Patriots

Things have been immensely different for the Patriots since Tom Brady left. While the Patriots have re-signed star QB Cam Newton and are looking to make a push towards postseason contention this year, it would also be a wise move to establish a young nucleus for the franchise’s future.

The Patriots have the 15th overall pick this year, but it’s not unlikely for New England to make moves and trade up so that they don’t miss out on the high-caliber players early in the draft, particularly in the quarterback position. New England should be looking for a young quarterback to learn under Newton and secure its future in this year’s top-heavy QB draft class.

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