Why Online Slot Games can be for (American) Football Fans

For American football fans that miss the tension and excitement of sport after the Super Bowl has passed, slots often serve as a temporary replacement and time filler that keeps the brain in a state of excitement.

There is a certain physiological response to people who enjoy the tension of sport, and of making wagers share. The week after the Super Bowl, you usually see a surge in people playing slots and similar wager style games. When you are someone who enjoys sitting on the edge of your seat, it can be hard just to turn it off.

When most people think of slot games, they typically think of the old pull lever machines you see occasionally at certain airports or on the floors of a casino. While those slots still remain immensely popular with a certain type of demographic, the wider slot industry has evolved well past that.

Today there are hundreds of different games, with different rules and different styles of play. Slots move to the online world has opened up the door to a renaissance of innovation. Some slot sites, like PrimeSlots offer free online slots bonus, no deposit needed. Other sites offer skill based shooter style slot machines based on the same system and of course, your traditional real money slots.

Many people pick up on playing slots more when there isn’t any good football to watch, and since I’m a Cleveland Browns fan, that happens pretty early in the season for me. I find myself gravitating towards American football related slots, and have suggested them to a few friends who find themselves in the same boat as me. After having the same conversation nearly a dozen times, and giving out the same recommendations, I figured I might as well write down my favorite Football replacing slot games to refer to whenever I am asked about my opinion on the matter.

Although the football theme to a slot game is usually simply a cosmetic matter, I tend to enjoy the American football aesthetic. I’m going to suggest three of my favorites that I think my fellow football fans may be interested in trying.

In case you aren’t aware of the terminology I’ll be using

  • The reel is the (usually) vertical section that is set into motion when the game is played.
  • The payline is the (usually) horizontal line that one must match up to win the game

Slot games depend on the combination of reels to paylines – most will have their own unique system for matching the two up. If you’re still not 100% clear, check out this guide on how to play online slots.

Tailgating Slot Game

Tailgating is a 5-reel video slot with 15 pay lines. It was made to pays homage to everything that happens in the parking lot before the game. In many ways, the best part of the sport.

This is one is a favorite just for the pure silliness of it. Instead of the traditional fruits, you are treated to images of Pabst style beer, attractive women, and fans with oversized stomachs. It’s rather entertaining and the music is spot on for the mood it’s trying to set.

Fruit Bowl Slot Game

This is another 5 Reel video slot game, but with + 25 Lines rather than the 15 of the tailgating game.

This is probably the most ridiculous looking slot game, but it also has some of the more advanced features and options. It has been around for awhile and gone through a few different versions, so it’s rather well polished for a game featuring football playing fruit. The imagery all NFL based, if the NFL was populated with Bananas and Grapes rather than incredibly talented athletes.

Field of Green Slot Game

Field of Green is a 5 reel with 20 paylines game.

Another simple and straightforward slot game with a basic American football look to it. I’ve probably played this one more than any other – it’s just a comfort thing. There is nothing that stands out about the game specifically, other than I’ve had some good days with it, but I think it’s simplicity is part of its draw.

To Sum Up

There are hundreds of slot games available with varying sets of rules and play styles. Different numbers of reels and varying pay lines are only the start for the amount of variation available out there. Though I suggested some that are aesthetically related to football, the real enjoyment of the game doesn’t come from the artwork. Look around and experiment with different games and find one that fits your play style. Once you find a type of game you seem to gravitate to, then you can start worrying about one with the music and art you find most enjoyable.

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