Orcos Repeat In Argentina’s Rosario League

The Orcos dominated the Spartans 27-0 in Argentina’s Rosario League championship game – Flag Bowl V – at Club Fábrica de Armas, thus winning their fourth consecutive Rosario League title. In fact, they blanked every opponent en route to capturing the crown in 2016.

Veteran quarterback Estefano Scorza was key but the Orcos defense was also on fire in this game, keeping the Spartans otherwise potent offense off the scoreboard.

The Orcos defense opened the scoring as Ignacio Colautti read Spartans quarterback Martin Cosentino perfectly, picking him off and taking the ball all the way for a touchdown. Colautti scored his second touchdown still in the first quarter giving the Orcos a 14-0 lead.

Then rookie Julian Daniele, who was named the Top Rookie of the league,  added six points in the second quarter while Scorza scored the Orcos fourth touchdown late in the contest. Gastón converted 3 of the 4 PATs thus becoming the most effective kicker of the league.

Orcos celebration with their HC after the match

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