Oscar Nevermann returns to Sweden, signs with Uppsala 86ers

The Uppsala 86ers who play in the Swedish Superserien, have signed running back Oscar Nevermann for the 2020 season.

The signing marks a return to the playing field in Sweden for Nevermann for the first time since 2012. The 26-year-old from Stockholm, Sweden, got his start in football almost a decade ago with the Arlanda Jets, winning two Swedish junior titles and helping Team Sweden win the U19 Nordic championship. Six years ago, he departed for the University of Wyoming to play running back but after two years, he transferred to the University of North Dakota where he finished up his college career. A broken foot in 2016 curtailed his playing time but he returned in 2017 to play on all special teams and at running back.

Nevermann, 6’1″, 220 lb, spent the 2019 season with the Frankfurt Universe, German Football League semifinalists, where he rushed for 458 yards, averaging almost six yards a carry.

The 86ers finished fourth in the Swedish Superserien in 2019.

AFI: You are returning to play in Sweden for the first time since leaving to play in the United States. That must be a special feeling.

Nevermann: It definitely is! All these new names and faces that weren’t around when I left along with an impressive amount of friends still going at it! There are just a few more people that I would really like to convince to come back such as Robin Baheirei and Mark Rosenquist.

AFI: When was the last time you played in Sweden?

Nevermann: I played an international competition in Sweden 2012 for the junior national team. We won the Nordic championship.

AFI: You finished your college career at North Dakota before joining Germany’s Frankfurt Universe. How much of a difference was the game in the German league compared to college?

Nevermann: There will always be a difference leaving college football, I knew that but I was not prepared to see the level I did in Germany! They play fast, smart and tough football down there! And the atmosphere at the games was quite amazing.

AFI: In Germany this past season with the Universe, you were playing on one of the biggest stages in Europe. Do you expect the same level of intensity in Sweden?

Nevermann: I don’t believe Sweden is up to speed with Germany… we don’t have the same traditions nor players. However, I am expecting to have more fun this season than I have I long while. Getting back to playing amongst friends and creating genuine bonding experiences. I haven’t seen a lot of these, that used to be my, best friends since I left and I’m excited to make new memories with them.

AFI: You will be bringing the 86ers a great deal of experience. Will you be taking a more leadership role you think?

Nevermann: I believe Moe [Kadkhodai] needs all the help he can get to rally this team! All jokes aside, I will definitely lead, mostly by example but I would love to help share knowledge for younglings that want guidance. Maybe I’ll get my own “padawan”.

AFI:  What you do feel you bring to the team?

Nevermann: I will bring intensity and enjoyment like I always do. And maybe some beers for after wins.




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