‘Our Year’ – A Documentary Film; Victory with the Stirling Clansmen.

Scottish BUAFL (British University American Football League) Champions tell their story!

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Over the past year, Scottish based Gridiron TV have been following the Stirling Clansmen, documenting their progress from losing out to the Birmingham Lions in last years quarter final play off game, which then led to Birmingham going on to take the title…to their meeting up again, however this year in the National Championship finals, where the Clansmen went on to take the title.  This was not only a proud moment for the Clansmen, who had proven to work so hard throughout the year to get to this point, but also for their families, spread throughout the world, yet still watching their live games through Gridiron TV.

American Football in the UK is such a niche sport, and even more so in Scotland.  It is growing though, and that can only be a good thing.  🙂

This documentary follows the Stirling Unversity Clansmen American Football team throughout their 2013/14 season on their quest to overcome the doubts of others around the league and to complete their mission to become National Champions.

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‘Our Year’ documents the team’s progress through the season, competing in the BUCS Saltire division (against several opponents from the Edinburgh & Glasgow area), and their progress towards the national finals.  It also shares the thoughts and feelings of key members of the team; graduating senior players who have been with the team for several years, and also of the coaching staff who give an insight into the physical, mental and emotional demands that are put on student athletes.

Gridiron TV have been filming and broadcasting American Football across the UK since 2011, and have developed a strong relationship with the Stirling Clansmen which led to discussions with the Head Coach, Rob Orr, to put the wheels in motion for a season-long documentary. Rob Orr said:

“Having come so close last season only to fall in the quarter final to Birmingham, it was all the more fitting to face them again in the national championship final. Gridiron TV’s documentary ‘Our Year’ will tack the ups and downs of the campaign and we therefore cannot wait to see it released to the general public.”

The origin of the title ‘Our Year’ comes from the team’s relentless & ritualistic approach to gameday preparation, one of which is a chant lead by team mate Cameron MacDonald who reinforces the team’s firm belief (throughout the entire season) that this would be the year that they finally returned to championship status.  And indeed, 2014 truly was their year.

Stirling clansman year 2

Rob Orr: “We are delighted to have Gridiron TV as our media partner. Their work in the development of grassroots football exposure in the UK and beyond is second to none. We therefore are extremely excited for the upcoming release of our year which traces our national championship winning season.”

The Clansmen’s season culminated with their championship victory in March, and Gridiron TV’s documentary is now in full production, with an aim to release it as early as May.  Co-Producer Allan Price explains:

 “It has been incredible to follow the team all year, especially to be able to broadcast the team’s final match live to the world online via Gridiron TV.  We are working very hard to get everything together into something that reflects all the effort and passion that the team put into their season this year.  We are thankful to the organisation for allowing us unprecedented access to the team in order to capture what we needed”

Stirling Clansmen year 3

More information on the documentary, visit  GridironTV.

More information on the Stirling Clansmen can be found HERE.

If you like what see here, and would like to get involved with the documentary, Gridiron TV are still looking for funds to finish it off and have launched an IndieGoGo campaign.  If you head on over to the website, you can find out perks you can get, and how you can help…and view the trailer!  See what you think.  🙂


John McKeon is a former professional and collegiate American Football player and coach now living and working in New York. His goal is to spread news, information, and opinion on the global growth of the sport he loves.