Panama Major Football League (PMFL) Launches 2017 Season; Panama Saints v. USMA Frailes

Panamanians are psyched for the esteemed Panama Major Football League (PMFL) inaugural game of the 2017 championship calendar. Set for Sunday, March 26th at Estadio ‘Cascarita’ Tapia, Panama City, Panama. Kickoff 8:00pm local time.

This kickoff game will feature the PMFL reigning 2016 champions, Panama Saints pair up against the USMA Frailes. The Panama Saints wrapped up the 2016 season with a 10-0 winning streak and trumpeted their triumph with a 7-0 shut out winning score of the final over the Panama Raptors F.C. Undoubtedly the undisputed ‘saintly’ champions of American football in Panama.

The 2017 PMFL regular game season will be played over a span of 7 weeks encompassing 25 games leading to the playoff and final.

Three regular season games will be played each week with the March 26th inaugural game, the playoff and final all being aired live on the Panama channel CableOnda Sports (COS).

On Monday, March 20th the PMFL had its Week 1 debut of the 2017 championship calendar featuring the two teams Los Diablos F.A. vs. Panama Raptors F.C. With the Raptors taking the win 27-0.

During January of this year the PMFL held its annual Combine and recorded a registration of 140 Panamanians whereby 70 were drafted on February 9th to the six PMFL teams Los Diablos F.A., Colon Eagles F.C., USMA Frailes, Panama Raptors F.C., Panama Saints, Club Wolfpack Panama.

Ivan ‘Moto’ Paz, President of PMFL continues to lead the league at the helm while creating new opportunities for the players to showcase their talent. Paz recently announced that players will be able to look forward to a PMFL All Stars, Panama City based Cuadrangular Tournament in July. Other countries slated to participate; Costa Rica, Puerto Rica and Mexico.

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