Peyton Manning Can’t See Aaron Rodgers Not Playing Football This year

Former Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning simply can’t imagine Aaron Rodgers not playing football this year. Rodgers’ future currently hangs in the balance, with the MVP having expressed a desire to leave the Green Bay Packers after their playoff exit earlier this year.

Rodgers has had issues with team management for over a year and has asked to leave the team. It’s since been reported that there could be a way back in, with Green Bay not keen on losing him.

Manning spoke on the MLB Network prior to the 2021 Home Run Derby at Coors Field on Monday and weighed in on the saga. The Broncos have been tipped as favorites to land Rodgers via trade and Manning was asked for his thoughts on where the QB might end up ahead of the inbound NFL campaign.

“Great question. Obviously, it’s the question of the summer here in Denver,” he said (H/T “Obviously, I hope he plays somewhere this year. The fact that Aaron Rodgers might not play this year, I can’t fathom it. He’s too good of a player. Too fun to watch for the fans. I personally hope it’s in Green Bay. That’s what I see him as. I hope they can kinda make amends and work [it] out. That team is so close, if he were to leave there it’d be a major change, obviously, for them.

“My gut is he’s not coming to Denver. My gut is Denver’s gonna have Drew Lock or Teddy Bridgewater be their quarterback. At this point, you gotta kinda know what your plan is, you can’t be having a new quarterback three weeks before the season.”

Manning makes a lot of sense here but, should the opportunity arise, there’s no doubting the Broncos would jump at a trade for one of the greatest passers of the football the game has ever seen. Denver pass rusher Von Miller certainly feels like the team’s front office can pull it off.

“First and foremost, I’m comfortable with Drew, I’m comfortable with Teddy. G.P. (George Paton) and John Elway, if A-Rod is out there for us to get him, those are the two guys to have on the job,” Miller said on Sunday. “John Elway, he’s done a great job of working the big-time guys before — Peyton (Manning) and DeMarcus (Lawrence) and Aqib (Talib) — all these other guys. So if there’s a guy to be had, G.P. and John Elway are the two to put on it, if it can be done.

“If it can’t, I’m comfortable with Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater. They’ve impressed the hell out of me, and impressed the hell out of everybody during OTAs. So I’m super excited for those guys. Another year for Drew Lock, I think this will be the time for him to turn it on. So either way we go, it’s looking bright for us.”

As great as Rodgers happens to be, a quarterback needs to build a rapport with his teammates and the Broncos simply do not have time to get Rodgers up to speed should he land in Denver by the time this is over. Rodgers hasn’t given any indication of what he intends to do, having announced he will make a decision in a “couple weeks” during a recent interview.

“Well, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of this week,” the Green Bay man said of his plans for the season ahead. “And then I’m gonna get back to working out and figure things out in a “couple weeks.”

Rodgers hadn’t revealed whether or not he would be joining the team for training camp at the time of writing. His decision will have a profound impact on NFL betting this year as the Packers will remain among the favorites to win the Super Bowl if he sticks around but they could possibly drop out should he choose to part ways.

The Broncos are likely focused on answering internal questions as it pertains to a starting quarterback. Lock and Bridgewater will be competing for the position and it remains to be seen who it will be handed to if Rodgers does not end up coming across.

Of course, fans would be more than willing to see the MVP join the Broncos, despite the limited time prior to the start of the 2021/22 campaign. The team, however, needs to focus on the pair of QBs currently on the roster.

In the meantime, the Packers will be trying their best to convince Rodgers Green Bay is the right place for him. Rodgers was understood to be quite upset over the team opting to use a first-round draft pick on Jordan Love. It’s pretty ironic that they’re hoping Love is not the one who starts for them next term.

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