Peyton Manning says the ‘tush push’ is illegal in his son’s youth football league


The Philadelphia Eagles’ use of the “tush push” has become one of the most talked about storylines throughout the 2023 season. While there have been rumblings that the play may be banned at some point, it’s already been given the boot in some spaces.

The Eagles ended up getting into the end zone when they executed the “tush push” to perfection against the Seattle Seahawks as they traditionally do. During the “ManningCast” for Monday’s game, Peyton Manning revealed that the play has already been banned in his son’s seventh-grade youth league.

ESPN showed Cherry Creek Bruins quarterback Marshall Manning executing the “tush push” while being coached by the Hall of Famer quarterback. Manning revealed he was then informed that the play wasn’t legal in that particular youth league.

“Eli, we were told after that play, the ref is like, ‘Hey, you can’t do that,'” Manning said. “I’m like, ‘The Eagles do it in the NFL.’ He’s like, ‘This is not the NFL.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, I thought seventh-grade AYL Colorado Youth Football was the NFL.’ I was confused. But that was the last time we did it. They banned it in our league. But the NFL, you guys can still do it.”

The NFL is expected to discuss the play following the 2023 season. Despite the “tush push” still being legal at the professional level, youth leagues clearly don’t seem to care.