Philippine American Football League in full swing

Makati City-Philippine American Football League (PAFL) kicked off its 2017 season last September 20, 2017 with thrilling, action packed matches. As the season progress, we see how different teams are stepping up and establishing their team names with their respective standings.

After 4 weeks since PAFL 2017 started with 2 matches every Sunday, PAFL stays true to its mission of being a progressive premiere American Football League in the Philippines. It continues to grow popularity and its presence is gaining attention nationwide.

Wolves continues to dominate as they lead the rankings of participants this season with 3 straight wins despite the sanction they received during their first match, making their roster in the last 2 matches down to 34.

Another contending leader in the league is the Datu whereas the team came in later than everybody else in the league, they surprised everyone with a 2-1 standing since they set foot on the pitch.

Cavemen is still running with a 1-1 standing as they were defeated by the Wolves during their second match last September 17, 2017.

Warriors has yet to prove their position in the league after their sweep match against the Juggernauts resulting in a 1-3 standing.

Since the game kicked off, it has become evident that Juggernauts have yet to gain their first win, let alone their first score in a dire need for a comeback from their third consecutive loss.

Week 1 kicked off with the Cavemen and Warriors with the former earning their their first win with a score 24-0; while the Wolves and Juggernauts during the second round ending up with 81-0 in favor of the Wolves. Things took into a quick turn as other participating teams present at the opening complained about the number of suited players from the Wolves causing the PAFL Board to take a quick deciding vote to sanction them into deducting the number of players they dressed over the legal limit for the team’s next 2 matches.

Week 2 continued as Wolves and Cavemen kicked off the day’s match with 15-8 record making Wolves a dominating team to beat. Second round of match was between Datu and Warriors with the score of 27-12 in favor of the Datu. They clearly amped up their game towards the second half of the match having them gain their first ever win. There was a bit of tension on the gridiron as 3 players from different teams got suspended due to Unsportsmanlike conduct as they engaged in throwing closed fists and elbows towards an opposing player.

Week 3 went on as the matches were between Cavemen and Datu and then winless teams, Juggernauts and Warriors. The first match was a close fight as Cavemen gained their first score and took the lead during the majority of the first half but not until Datu took their game into another level and was able to tie the game at 14-14 in the 2nd half. Cavemen won the game at the last minute showcasing team effort and persistency giving Datu their first defeat. Warriors dominated the second match against Juggernauts with a whopping 40-0 with their solid offense and defense strategies giving them their first win.

Week 4 kicked off with the hopes that Juggernauts will earn their first win, let alone their first score for the season. However, with Datu’s superior defense and offense as well as their relentless play across all 4 quarters, Datu handed the Juggernauts their 3rd loss this season with a 58-0 mark. The second game showed intense hunger as the Wolves and Warriors battled down the pitch, as the Warriors tried leading up the game with big stops. However, these strategies didn’t stop the Wolves in taking a big lead, ultimately proving that they are undefeated with a 64-12 score.

Week 5 is coming up this coming October 15, 2017 as Cavemen faces Juggernauts at 10am and the Wolves will be facing Datu at 1pm.

Catch the matches of the Philippine American Football League every Sunday at Circuit Makati Blue Pitch. Gates open at 9am and general admission tickets are sold for PHP50 per head.

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