Cairo Hellhounds, GUC Eagles upend Egyptian National Football League foes in week 3

Week 3 of ENFL17 was not short on action as the Cairo Hell Hounds took on the Cairo Bears in Game 1, both having lost their first game and looking to make amends.

Game 2 was also expected to be a big game since the defending two-time champions the GUC Eagles took on the yet undefeated Cairo Wolves, and that game did not disappoint.

Game 1: Cairo Hell Hounds 33 – Cairo Bears 12

The Hell Hounds suffered a loss in Week 2 against the Cairo Wolves which was, at least to them, completely unexpected. Week 3 was their chance to make things right and improve their chances of reaching the Egyptian Bowl. On the other hand, the Cairo Bears had suffered a loss in week 1 against the GUC Eagles and had a free week 2 to regroup and plan for their game against the Hounds.

Offensively, notable performers for the Hounds include receiver Mohamed Abdel Monem with 62 receiving yards and 1 TD and running back Mohamed Maher with 75 rushing yards at 18.75 yards per carry and 1 TD. Hounds Quarterback Mohamed Helmy had 57 passing yards and kept the ball scoring 1 TD.

The Hounds defense had a combined 5 tackles for loss, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble, 2 interceptions with a total of 89 yards and 2 deflections.

The Bears offense performed very well with 5 receivers having 100% completion, most notably Ayman Boalia with a total of 90 receiving yards in just 2 catches, averaging 45 yards per catch and 1 TD. Quarterback Shady El Kadry had a total 146 passing yards with 45% completion and kept the ball scoring 1 TD.

Bears defense had a total of 7 tackles for loss, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble, 1 interception and 1 deflection.

Game MVP goes to Hell Hounds’ defensive lineman Mohamed Assem with 4 tackles, 2 tackles for loss and 1 fumble recovery run for 42 yards, scoring a TD that cemented the Hounds’ win.

Game 2: GUC Eagles 27 – Cairo Wolves 6

Game 2 was quite the game to watch, both teams had been undefeated to this point, each looking to secure a crucial 3rd win to reach the top position in the league. Also, this game would see both teams’ import players, Kendall Owens and Triston McCathern, facing off against each other, McCathern having played a big role in his team so far with 2 TDs and Owens having been indispensable for the Wolves with an impressive 7 TDs!

The game was a sight to behold as both teams battled it out.

The Eagles offense, led by QB Mohamed Sadek, delivered this game with 4 TDs and 1 field goal

Notable performers in the Eagles offense were receiver Louay Essam, with a total 65 receiving yards with 32.5 yards per catch and 1 TD. Triston McCathern had 81 rushing yards and one 56-yard catch and 2 TDs. Running back Youssef Salman also had 11.75 yards per carry and scored a TD.

Wolves receiver Adel Emam had a good game with a total 76 receiving yards with 38 yards per catch and scored the Wolves’ only TD in the game.

Wolves defense had a total 4 tackles for loss, 1 forced fumble, 4 deflections and 1 interception by defensive back Mohamed Badr for 22 yards.

The Eagles defense provided a stellar performance and were able to effectively neutralize Kendall Owens who was not able to score in the game. The defensive unit collectively had 6 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, both by linebacker Mohamed Abdelaty, 1 forced fumble, 4 deflections and 2 interceptions, 1 of which for 22 yards by defensive back Andrew Gabra.

Game MVP goes to Eagles’ QB Mohamed Sadek, the receiver-turned-quarterback had 172 passing yards resulting in 2 TDs, a total completion of 60% in his third week ever as a quarterback.

Next week the back-on-track Hell Hounds face the MSA Tigers and the Cairo Wolves take on the Cairo Bears, both the Tigers and the Bears looking for their first win.