Poland’s Bialystok Lowlanders reinforce defense with French DB Louis Achaintre

The Bialystok Lowlanders who sit in first place in Poland’s Liga Futbolu Amerykańskiego Northern Conference, have bolstered their defense with the addition of DB Louis Achaintre from Canada’s Concordia Stingers.

A 6’2″, 205 lb native of Saint-Etienne, France,  Achaintre spent the 2018 season with the Concordia Stingers (Canadian university Quebec conference) where he played in six games. Achaintre spent the 2017 season with Switzerland’s Bern Grizzlies, helping them reach the Swiss semifinals. He originally arrived in Canada with Thetford Mines, a senior secondary school and attended McGill Unversity in 2016.

Lowlanders: What were the main factors which convinced you to choose Lowlanders? How much time did you spend on making decision? Did you have other offers?

L.A.: The main factors that convinced me to chose Lowlanders were mainly the challenge that is to win the championship and also the opportunity to show my skills in Europe. It took me a few days to make my decision. Yes, I did have other offers.

Lowlanders: Have you watched Lowlanders games from the past season?

L.A.: I have already checked the most recent games against the Kings and the one before against Seahawks. Also I have watched the highlights of the last Polish Bowl in 2018.

Lowlanders: What are your thoughts about the team?

L.A.: I have seen big potential from a lots of players with speed and big bodies. I saw great coverage from Db’s. I think the defense can be really physical and stop the run. There is good skills also at the receiver position and I like the fact that the offense take their shots on deep balls.

Lowlanders: Where did you grow up? What’s the sport culture there? Why american football?

L.A.: I grew up in France in Saint-Étienne where it’s all about soccer. There are one or two clubs in every neighborhood of the city. I played some and I tried also rugby but I could never find what I have found in American football. I love the physicality of the game, the discipline and the show that this sport is.

Lowlanders: Tell us something about your career. 

L.A.: I was part of the group team France when I was under-18 as linebacker. I played two finals of my division in 2 years in high school in Quebec and we won the second one (I had 1 interception, 1 recovered fumble, 1 TD and 1 sack as free safety). I played for the Bern Grizzlies as Linebacker/Running back in 2017. In 2018 I went back in Quebec where I played Nickel for the university of Concordia Stingers.

Lowlanders: What do you know about Poland?

L.A.:To be honest I don’t really know a lot about Poland but I am looking forward to see this country.

Lowlanders: What kind of person as a player are you? Leader, motivator or trying to be a good cop 🙂

L.A.: Whenever I am in the gym or on the field I always try to challenge my teammates. I like to see the best out of everyone, and everyone going in the same direction. That’s how I motivate people and I am a leader by example.

Lowlanders: What motivates you?

L.A.: I have always loved every sports and I knew I would be in the sports world for a lifetime. But I think I have really found myself in football.

Lowlanders: What are your goals for upcoming season?

L.A.: My goals for this season are to help the team as much as I can and win the championship.

Check out Louis Achaintre ‘s highlights from the 2018 season

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