Poland’s SuperFinal X to Feature Unprecedented Broadcast

The championship game of the Topliga – the highest level of the Polish American Football League (PLFA) will be played tomorrow (July 11th) in the UEFA Euro 2012 Municipal Stadium in Wrocław. Wrocław Panthers will square off against Gdynia Seahawks. The game will be preceded by a great picnic with The World Games 2017 sports as the main feature. The tailgating event will launch  5 hours before the kick-off.

The TV broadcast will start at 19:55 on TVP Sport HD, and at 19:40 at www.sport.tvp.pl. Internet broadcast will be available worldwide.

The final of PLFA tenth, anniversary season will have an unique audiovisual setting. The third SuperFinal shown on TVP Sport HD will be visually close to broadcasts of NFL and NCAA games produced by American stations. Thanks to the virtual field technology, viewers will have a greater comfort in watching the offensive drives carried out by Seahawks and Panthers. The broadcast will also feature the graphic play-by- play analysis which will precisely explain the concept and execution of the most important downs.

Jędrzej Stęszewski, Polish League of American Football president;

“The uncannily attractive broadcast is possible thanks to our cooperation with the international ChyronHego company. It embellishes football broadcasts for big TV stations such as ABC, FOX, ESPN and CBS. Until now only two football games in Europe were enriched by the first down line – last years’ European Championships final game in Austria and Czech League final. Nevertheless, our broadcast will be way richer thanks to additional infographics, statistics and play analysis. I believe that both expert spectators and those who will watch football for the very first time will be delighted. We hope that this year’s final game of the Topliga will feed increasing interest, both in Poland and in the whole world. It will be possible thanks to an open live stream at sport.tvp.pl website.”

Those, who will attend SuperFinal will not be deprived of a chance to get the feel of the unique TV visuals. Two large stadium screens will show the live TV stream. Unlike in other sports, those screens will also show the replays and play analysis.

The game commentary will be provided by a former NCAA, NFL Europe and GFL player Filip Pawełka and Jędrzej Stęszewski. One of the guests of the pre-game studio will be Babatunde Aiyegbusi – the first ever PLFA player to sign NFL contract.

The internet broadcast provided by the sport.tvp.pl website will be available to football fans worldwide.
Broadcast and re-run plan:

Saturday, 11 July – live
19:55 – 23:05 TVP Sport HD
19:40 – 23:05 sport.tvp.pl

Monday, 13 July – re-run
16:05 – 18:15 TVP Sport HD

Tuesday, 14 July – re-run
9:10 – 11:20 TVP Sport HD

The SuperFinal X will be also available as a VOD  material at sport.tvp.pl website.