Polish champion Wroclaw Panthers re-sign league MVP, QB Tim Morovick

The Wroclaw Panthers, 2017 Polish champions, have re-signed quarterback Timothy Morovick for the 2018 season.

Timothy Morovick (6’2″, 210 lb) rejoins the Panthers after helping them win their second straight Polish title in 2017 while earning the league’s most valuable player award. He spent the 2016 campaign with the Albershausen Crusaders in Germany. Morovick played for Ottawa University (Kansas, NAIA) but is not the first player from that school to play in Poland. He joins  Clarence Anderson who played for the Warsaw Eagles in 2011 and Shane Gimzo who also played for the Eagles the following year, 2012.

American Football International asked Tim about his decision to sign with the Panthers and his thoughts on playing in Europe.

American Football International:  Why did you decide to return to Poland and the Wroclaw Panthers?

Tim Morovick: Everything about this place is great! From the city, the management staff, the coaches and the team!

AFI:  You had an outstanding season in 2017. What do you expect for 2018?

Morovick: We want to be the best team we possibly can be. We want to correct our mistakes from last year and look to constantly improve.

AFI:  We asked this last year, but we have to ask again about your travels in Europe. How many more countries have you visited?

Morovick: This Last season there was not much time for travel so the only place I saw was Denmark when we traveled to play the triangle Razorbacks.

AFI: What level of football would you compare football in Europe with?

Morovick: There are teams in Europe who have beaten college teams in the states. So depending on what country you play for or what team you play for I would say the competition could be compared to college.

AFI: Do you think your game has improved since you arrived in Germany three years ago? If so, in what way?

Morovick: My game has definitely improved since being in Germany. I pride myself on working very hard to improve every aspect of my game and I have been blessed with some great coaches in Poland.

AFI: And we always ask if you have developed a liking for any new foods in Europe.

Morovick: As always, the kebabs are my favorite. But, there is a great sushi place in Wrocław that i enjoy.

AFI: How much longer do you think you will play in Europe?

Morovick: I do not know what the future holds, my ultimate goal is to play in the CFL. I hope to play football as long as my body allows me to. It is in God’s hands.

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