Polish Football League kicks off 2023 season

The Polish Football League returns to action this weekend with a total of eight teams vying for the title.

The PFL has expanded from six to eight teams with the addition of the Wroclaw Jaguars and Olsztyn Lakers from Division II. They will join the defending champion Bialystok Lowlanders, 2022 runners up the Krakow Kings, the Tychy Falcons, Warsaw Mets, Silesia Rebels and Warsaw Eagles.

Bialystok Lowlanders – 2022 record 7-1 – Won Championship

The Lowlanders finished second during the regular season but reached the final after beating the Tychy Falcons in the semifinals 40-16. They then won the Polish title by edging the previously unbeaten Krakow Kings 21-20 in the final.

Krakow Kings – 2022 record – 7-1 – Runners up

The Krakow Kings ran through the 2022 regular season without a loss, finishing first, boasting the best offense and defense. They blanked the Warsaw Mets 37-0 in the semifinal only to be upset in the title game by the Lowlanders.

Tychy Falcons- 2022 record – 3-4 – Reached semifinals

The Tychy Falcons finished the 2022 regular season with a 3-3 record and then were knocked out of the playoffs by Bialystok.

Warsaw Mets – 2022 record – 2-5 – Reached semifinals

The Warsaw Mets finished fourth during the regular season and reached the semifinals by virtue of a win over the fifth place Silesia Rebels. They were shut out 37-0 by the Tychy Falcons.

Silesia Rebels – 2022 record – 2-4 – Finished 5th

The Silesia Rebels were better than their record suggested in 2022 losing close games to the Lowlanders and Falcons late in the season but fell short.

Warsaw Eagles – 2022 record – 0-6 – Finished 6th

The Warsaw Eagles suffered through their worst campaign since returning to Poland’s top league in 2021. They managed to score just one touchdown in six games while giving up 288 points.

Wroclaw Jaguars – Promoted from 2nd division

The Jaguars finished second in the Polish Football League 2nd division in 2022 and qualified for promotion to the top league.

Olsztyn Lakers – Promoted from 2nd division

The Lakers are returning to the top league after a three year absence and winning the 2nd division title.

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