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Polish League of American Football Introduces New Logo, Mobile App

[tps_title]PLFA Celebrating 10th Anniversary[/tps_title]

Along with introducing a new league logo (designed by Dominik Pacholczyk) pictured above, marking the 10th anniversary of American football in Poland, the Polish League of American Football (PLFA) has ushered in a new age for American football fans in Poland by also bringing out a new league app for mobile devices. The PLFA 360 app is the new American football information center for smartphones and tablets using both Android and iOS systems in this Eastern European country which has truly embraced the game.

“Anyone with a smartphone can access the new mobile app,” said project manager Grzegorz Osiński. “It is much easier than using a website. Any league that wants to get closer to its fans and to win new ones should arm itself with a mobile app.”

The app will enable American football fans in Poland to keep abreast of league news, information, scores and standings from anywhere. Project programmer Piotr Szacińsk feels that the growth of sports apps in Poland in still in its infancy but has enormous potential:

“This was our first sports app, We believe there is still great potential in this area, as applications like PLFA 360 are still rare. Clubs have not yet embraced apps as a central avenue of communication with fans, or as a way to advertise, attract new fans, find sponsors and generate profits from advertising.

There are some exceptions though. The Legia Warszawa soccer team, for example, recently adapted its website for mobile devices and Lech Poznań (also a top ranked soccer team in Poland) has its own mobile app. Skra Bełchatów is a pioneer in volleyball as a club with its own application. Still, these are exceptions and, more frequently, similar projects are not pursued on a large scale.”

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