Potential XFL Investors Hopeful for 12-Week Tournament in 2021

Over a month after the XFL completely suspended operations and fired nearly all of its employees, and was basically declared dead and unlikely to return soon, it looks like potential buyers – which do not include Vince McMahon – would like to see a 2021 season.

According to a court filing released this week, there are over two dozen investors interested in the league. The investment banker in charge of the sale, Houlihan Lokey, had received around 26 interested purchasers at the time of the court filing, all of whom maintained a specific interest in holding a 2021 season.

Speculation was rife that McMahon wanted to buy the league back at a cheap price and run it in 2021, basically manipulating the financial and legal situation.

Apparently, he became incensed at the notion and that is what led him to back away from the league entirely. ā€œIā€™m not going to have anything to do with it,ā€ said McMahon in a deposition.

The timetable for the sale of the league has been extended to Aug. 1, 2020, in order to allow time for the correct buyer to purchase the league. Apparently, in order to make the sale of the league more appealing, McMahon had modeled a TV-centered 12-week tournament for the XFL, which could happen in 2021 with or without fans.

All 26 potential investors are interested in that style of tournament and would like the sale to happen before Aug. 1 so preparations for a 2021 season can begin.

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